Lina Medina captured in a Youtube video ( Source : Thetealmango )

The story of the youngest mother in the world, Lina Medina, is emerging on social media. She proved wrong to Science when she gave birth to her kid at five years.

Peruvian Medina, the youngest mother in history, made headlines on social media for her early childbirth. The media has confirmed her to be the youngest child in history.

Lina suffered a rare condition called precocious puberty, in which a child's body begins to change into an adult early. She was a victim of sexual harassment when she participated in a strange religious festival.

The little girl has turned into an old-aged woman as many years passed. The media are searching for her, and it is unclear whether she is still alive or not. 

Where Is Lina Medina Now? Alive Or Death

It is still a mystery whether Lina Medina is alive today or not. However, Wikipedia has not reported her death news on its site.

According to Teal Mango, several news organizations and newspaper has offered bunches of money to share information about her life. They wanted to interview the lady and even shoot her.

Lina Medina featured in news articles
Lina Medina featured in news articles ( Source : Pinterest )

Unfortunately, after getting into the hype, Lina and her family went underground for several years, hiding from social media. As reported on Wikipedia, she is currently living in Peru. She might be alive since there is no obituary news on social media.

The shocking news in the past years might have given a scar on Lina's life as she struggled from birth pain at five. The unusual case dragged attention from around the world, including doctors, pediatricians, and the media.

Probably, the lady might be living a happy life with her family members in a peaceful environment.

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How Old Is Lina Medina? Her Son And Her Husband 2022

Lina Medina, then 5, gave birth to a 5-pound, 8-ounce son to an unknown husband.

Currently, she turns 88 and was born on September 23, 1993. Peru-born Lina has never disclosed the name of her first child's father till now. Probably, she didn't know the name of the person as she was a victim of sexual harassment during a strange religious festival.

Did Medina marry after the child's birth? Yes, she later married Raúl Jurado and had a son named Gerardo Medina. According to the Famous People, she was born as Lina Marcela Medina, one of her eight siblings, to father Tibyrelo and mother Victoria Losea.

Her father, Tiburelo, was a silversmith, while her mother was a housemaker. During her pregnancy, her parents brought her to the hospital to check for an abnormal increase in her stomach.  

Doctors initially thought of a tumor but later identified that she was about to be a mother. Dr. Gerardo Lozada confirmed her seventh-month pregnancy report.

Lina gave birth to her offspring after six-weeks after the diagnosis. She held the title of the youngest mother in history at 5. Police arrested her father on the intuition of child sexual abuse but later released him because of no evidence. 

Her first son left behind her in 1979 at 40, who died from bone marrow disease. She raised her first son healthy.

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Lina Medina - World's Youngest Mother

The mass remained stunned when Lina Median became the youngest mother in the world.

Initially, people speculated the case was a fraud. However, it turned into truth after several doctors verified it following biopsies, X-rays of the embryonic skeleton in pregnancy, and numerous photographs taken by the medical professionals attending to her.

Pictures of Lina Median at five and 88
Pictures of Lina Median at five and 88 ( Source : Koko )

Lina was one of 10,000 children who suffered from Precocious puberty, early development of reproductive organs. The rare genetic disorder and sexual harassment were the causes of early pregnancy.

There were two images published as evidence in documenting the case. The first one was when Medina was seven and a half months pregnant, at the start of April 1939. The second was her nude image, standing naked in front of a neutral backdrop.

Her pregnancy and delivery incident caught the attention of the world. People at that time were unfamiliar with the possible pregnancy due to precocious puberty.

The San Antonio Light newspaper in Texas took an interest in the case and reported it on July 16, 1939. People are always interested in her biography and documentation.