The Casas Family after they had finished filming for Channel 4's Sun Sea and Selling Houses
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Linda Rodriguez and Casas Manuel from Sun, Sea and Selling Houses are presently in Spain with their family.

The hosts of Channel 4’s TV show, Sun, Sea and Selling Houses are a integral part of the channel and the show. They have been with the show for quite some time as their family works in real estate to help find people their ideal homes.

More recently though, Linda and Casas had been away from the show following some deterioration of Linda’s health.

However, the family is now up and running with the family finding homes for people throughout Europe.

In the most recent episode of the show, in the Episode 5 of Season 2, Linda and Casas helped Bristol Hotelier Ameena find a holiday villa in Alicante.

Where Is Casas Manuel’s Wife Linda and Rodriguez Family Now?

Casas Manuel, along with his wife Linda and daughters, lives in Spain, where they run Casas Manuel, a professional, family-run company. 

The couple has also been back to the sets of Sun, Sea, and Selling Houses and helped people find piece of their homes. Linda and Manuel can be seen along with regular people as the new season of the series progresses.

Linda and Manuel have two daughters, Sophie Rodriguez and Charlotte Rodriguez, who occasionally make appearances on TV. 

As per Manuel and Linda, both of the daughters are very much close to the family and are helping their parents run the family business. 

Who Are Casas Manuel’s Daughters, Sophie and Charlotte Rodriguez?

Sophie Rodriguez is a real estate agent who helps people find a home appropriate for their family. 

She has been married to her husband, Damon, for over 8 years and has three daughters. Despite what many have assumed, Sophie is not pregnant at the moment. 

Sophie with her husband Damon on their wedding day 8 years ago
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Sophie remains active on social media to provide updates on her family, husband, and daughters to her fans. She occasionally shares pictures with the family from her TV schedule as well as hectic work days.

Fans are curious as to if the children or Sophie and Charlotte will make more appearances on the Channel 4 series.

In one of her Instagram posts, she provided an update on her father, Manuel Rodriguez’s, health condition during the COVID pandemic.

Sophie shared an update on her fathers health after he suffered from COVID in 2021
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She captioned the photo,”This time last year unbeknown to us our covid nightmare was beginning - feeling very grateful he is here for another year to celebrate our milestones.”

As per Charlotte Rodriguez, she likes to maintain a distance from the camera as she doesn’t seem very active on social media.

Nevertheless, Charlotte does make an appearance on her sister’s Instagram. The two Casas Manuel sisters attend lunch while also filming together at certain intervals.

Sophie and Charlotte pose together as the two meet up for some drinks
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What Happened To Manuel Rodriguez’s Wife Linda Rodriguez on Sun Sea and Selling houses?

Linda Rodriguez on Sun Sea and Selling houses, was seen with a walking aid which led fans to wonder what exactly happened to her.

Well, the Casas Manuel family put out a statement on the show’s official Facebook page providing an update on her health condition.

Linda Rodriguez apparently suffered from a serious stroke in early 2020.

The statement from the family read,” By the grace of god and her inner strength, she was able to pull through it and is recovering very well. With her determination, the love and support of her friends and family along with the outstanding service provided by Benijofar stroke society - Linda is well on her way to a full recovery. Always our matriarch and the only one who can keep Manuel in check - Linda Rodriguez”

Linda and Manuel Rodriguez while providing an update on Linda's health
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Linda’s health condition was a huge blow for the family as it was around the same time that Manuel caught COVID, which affected his health quite severely. It was a dark time for the family, however, they managed to survive through it all. 

As the family's health progressed, the family made it back to TV on Sun Sea and Selling Houses. With their return to the show, fans have been delighted to watch them help sun-thirsty house hunters in Europe. 

Their family-based business of real estate agents has been quite well. The company promises to have a reputation for exceptional value.