Meet Lisa Sparhawk, also known as Lisa Sparks, who has the record for the most number of sexual relationships with a partner in a day.

Only a bizarre person who is willing to go to the extreme can set the world record for anything.

There are multiple categories where people have set the record and many try to overcome those records and want to have their name in the record book.

One of such record-holders is Lisa Sparhawk aka Lisa Sparks.

The pornographic actress took it to next level and decided to make a world record that is unique from anything else.

She made sexual intercourse with 919 men in 12 hours and set the world record for sleeping with most men in a day.

Who Is Lisa Sparhawk?

Lisa Sparhawk is an American pornographic actress who holds the record for sleeping with the most number of men in a day.

She is a porn star originally from Kentucky, United States.

As an explicit actress, she has played in multiple movies related to the specific industry.

Lisa has been involved in the industry for around two decades now as she started it during the 2000s.

Other than her professional career, nothing much about her personal life is known on the internet.

Lisa Sparhawk Wikipedia

Lisa Sparhawk is not featured on the Wikipedia bio page.

Although she holds a unique kind of world record, she is not a widely recognized personality on the internet.

Thus, she is yet to be recognized by the official Wikipedia page.

A few other online sites contain information about the lady where you can get details about her record.

Lisa Sparhawk Guinness Record Video On Twitter

While Lisa Sparhawk aka Lisa Sparks and her Guinness is often talked about on Twitter, the video cannot be found.

As it is explicit content, it is not easily located on popular social media sites.

There is a possibility that no video of such Guinness record exists on the internet.

Sparks set the record in 2004 when she broke the set record for 759 men which was made by another woman.

While the time for the record was set for 24 hours, Lisa made the new stats for 919 men only in 12 hours.

The reports mention that she took an average of 45 seconds with each man in her attempt to place the Guinness world record.