Locked In Season 3 Is Back With Popular Faces On Board
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Ilyas Noreaga talked about his ex-girlfriend while being in a love triangle with Kate Elizabeth and Destini on the show, Locked In.

Locked In is a show in which YouTube and TikTok stars are locked up for two weeks. The competitors have no access to their social media, phones, or anything else from the outside world-it's quite Big Brother-esque.

Influencers participate in challenges to earn points. Season one's lineup included JMX and Bambino Becky. Season two included Millie T and Anastasia Kingsnorth, and the third season features our queen, GK Barry, as well as some other famous names.

New episodes will be released every day at 7 p.m. on the Footasylum YouTube channel, and you may vote online. The show premiered on November 2nd.

Ilyas Noreaga's Love Triangle With Kate Elisabeth and Destini In Locked In

Episode 3 of season 3 of Locked In is named Ilyas Noreaga's Love Triangle With Kate Elisabeth and Destini. At the beginning of the episode, GK Barry says that Ilyas and Destiny were on the beds together, and they were very close on that bed.

In the episode, the trio talks about their types. Ilyas asked one of them if he would be her type. Ilyas was shocked to find out he was not the type.

Kate Expresses That She Is Jealous Of Ilyas and Destiny's connection
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Ilyas and Destiny looked very cozy at the beginning of the episode, they were in the same bed, and in the morning everyone gave their opinion, including Kate Elisabeth, she is a bit jealous but they are really sweet.

Kate also thinks Elias is good-looking, has lovely eyes, and is a gentleman. However, Kate clarified that she was jealous because she likes male attention from time to time.

Does Ilyas Noreaga Have An Ex Girlfriend?

Yes, Ilyas Noreaga has an ex-girlfriend, as he has clearly mentioned in episode 3 of Locked In while having a conversation with others.

When Ilyas asked Destini about her type and if he could fit into it, Ilyas mentioned that he loved dark-colored women, and his ex-girlfriend was also dark-colored and looked very beautiful.

Kate Elisabeth Secretly Like Ilyas Noreaga
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Noreaga also mentioned that she and his ex looked very similar. However, he didn't forget to compliment Destiny, saying she was beautiful too. Ilyas didn't mention the name of his former girlfriend, but he didn't hesitate to say good things about her.

Ilyas is currently single, and as per the show, two women are interested in him. Chip predicted Ilyas and Kate would have a romance. Chip doesn't think that Elias is her type, but she will go for it because Kate is desperate.

Some Fast Facts About Ilyas Noreaga

  1. Ilyas is available on Instagram under the username @ilyasnoreaga. Noreaga has 18k followers on the account and doesn't post much.
  2. Noreaga has a Youtube channel on which he has 16.8k followers.
  3. Ilyas has posted just two videos on Youtube as of now but both of the videos have over 100k views.
  4. Youtuber Ilyas has over 6 feet in height. He captioned his height on one of his images.
  5. Ilyas seems to be rich as he has a luxurious car, iPhone, and other apple products.