Lojain Omran stars on the Netflix original show, Dubai Bling.
Source : instagram

Dubai Bling star Lojain Omran is currently in the limelight, with fans wondering about her plastic surgery. Omran is a well-known South Arabian social media personality and television presenter.

The beauty is notable as the fan favorite of the Netflix original show Dubai Bling. She is among the glamorous, wealthy stars appearing in the show.

The awaited series, which landed last week on the streaming platform, shows the lavish life of the UAE's elite, from their career to their dazzling closet, intense connections, and the splendid events they get all the invites.

Considered the Queen of Saudi television, Lojain is among the cast members with the most happening life experience and the wealth that adds to it. She has gained over 10.3 million followers on Instagram, which makes her one of the most followed stars in the Middle East.

Dubai Bling viewers have gravitated to the Saudi broadcaster for many reasons, including how she adores and cares for her family, her ability to maintain an undeniable grace and class in the show, and her genuine kindness.

Fans love watching her potential to be effortlessly fabulous. Before Lojain took her glamour to Netflix, she had a career outside the entertainment industry. She was involved in the finance industry early in her professional life.

Quick Facts:

Full NameLojain Omran
BornOctober 26, 1977
BirthplaceAl Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Age45 years
NationalitySaudi Arabian
ProfessionTelevision presenter, social media personality
ParentsAhmed Omran
SiblingsAseel Omran

Lojain Omran Plastic Surgery

Lojain Omran is coming under speculation for plastic surgery rumors as her lavish life plays out on the Netflix series.

The Saudi Arabian-born star has changed significantly since she entered the glamour world. Although Lojain has not addressed such rumors, her age-defying looks have made many fans wonder about the reason behind her beauty.

Fan favorite Omran has quickly won the hearts of many Dubal Bling viewers in a short period. Individuals claim that the presenter appears to have a lot of plastic surgery and looks quite different than before.

Nevertheless, Omran's youthful looks and charm have not gone unnoticed as lenses follow her wealthy lifestyle. The curiosity has also sparked a debate on various social media platforms, including Twitter.

Television personality Lojain Omran does not need plastic surgery to look beautiful.
Source : instagram

One fan tweeted, "Omran reminds me of LaToya Jackson. She looks like she's had a nose job or skin lightening." The other individual commented that the person was the only one who thought she had lightened her skin.

The other tweet comes: "Lojain Omran is a sweetheart, no drama, no gossip, just living her best life with her lovely brother" and "Every time she comes on screens it like... I feel warm and good inside. She has such an aura." 

Omran receives a lot of appreciation and love for her enormous fan base. Undoubtedly, the presenter has the sweetest heart, and fans are obsessed with her classy, kind, calm, and wise personality. She is such an unproblematic woman winning the hearts of millions of people.

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Lojain Omran Before And After Plastic Surgery Photos

Lojain Omran's youthful beauty in Dubai Bling reflects many changes in her appearance compared to her earlier looks.

On Going through her old pictures dating back to 2013, the television personality looks quite different compared to her current appearance on Netflix's Dubal Bling. Viewers have dubbed her "beauty" while noticing she seems to have had a lot of surgery.

The broadcaster has not addressed her plastic surgery rumors since the popular Netflix show was launched. She continues to be the true queen of the show and brings positivity; there's always wisdom each time she speaks.

She is arguably the show's most famous face. She rose to prominence as one of the region's most notable presenters and has appeared on hit shows such as Around the Gulf, Ya Hala, and Good Morning Arabs! On MBC1.

Lojain Omran in 2017 and 2022. The Saudi presenter amazes her fans with her age-defying looks.
Source : instagram

She welcomes fans behind the scenes of her lifestyle on Dubai Bling, giving a glimpse into her enviable wardrobe. Omran had a professional career in banking before she transitioned into television.

Omran moved to Bahrain in 2001, and after three years, she made her first move into broadcasting by hosting several television shows. She gained immense fame after she started presenting MBC1's Good Morning Arabs.

In addition to her fame, Forbes ranked her at number 55 in their list of hundred Arabic celebrities in 2017. Omran became one of five Saudi people named on the list. She is taken as one of the most influential Middle East media personalities.

Lojain Omran Spotted Outside Plastic Surgery Clinic

In 2019, Saudi-Arabian-born star Lojain Omran visited the UK-certified plastic surgery clinic in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The media personality was spotted cutting the ribbon and is believed to have had a consultation with Dr. Khurram Javed, a well-known plastic surgeon, in 2019. She also posed for photographs at Dermadent Clinic in Riyadh.

Dr. Khurram specializes in various cosmetic surgeries, including abdominoplasty, liposuction, breast enhancements, lifting, reductions, nose jobs, and facelifts. The surgeon shares several loving pictures of himself with Lojain on his Facebook.

Dubai Bling star Lojain Omran looks confident with or without any surgical procedures.
Source : instagram

The plastic surgeon captioned the post, "Lojain Omran, Saudi Arabian television presenter and much adored social media personality, visits Dr. Khurram Javed and @dermadentsa in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia." The surgeon offers the best services in Karachi for the best value.

This isn't the only time Lojain has been open about beauty treatments. In 2015, she visited Clinica Joella for skin treatments for around a week. She thanked all the excellent staff of the clinic for the best service.

Lojain took to her Instagram to share a short clip of her visit to the clinic and captioned it, "Three hours in Clinica Jewel was enough to give my skin its due attention. Without any psychological compliment, happy and comfortable because I touched and saw the difference."

Lojain Omran Botox And Lip Filler - Beauty Secret

Recent rumors surrounding Lojain Omran suggest that she has had a lot of surgeries, including Botox and Lip surgery. Omran's cheeks and jawline seemed less prominent in 2013, suggesting that the television personality has had filler in them since then. 

Her earlier look at her lips also felt much less plump than her recent pout. However, it could be the result of the advancement of technology and picture quality. 

The Dubai Bling star looks a lot younger than her age, and her skin looks far more glowy recently. Her slim body appears much more curvaceous with more prominent features.

While many believe that Omran has done some plastic surgery procedures to look younger, there's no doubt the presenter has beautiful and distinct features. Her facial features look perfect as if cosmetic procedures maintained them.

Lojain Omran had a career in banking before moving into television.
Source : instagram

Meanwhile, make-up and dress also dramatically affect people's appearance. It easily covers facial flaws, helping to highlight the person's features perfectly. Not to mention, makeup certainly holds power to completely remake an individual's appearance.

Many celebrities have undergone various surgical procedures to enhance their beauty. Meanwhile, some stars flaunt their natural beauty and are naturally flawless. Moreover, some stars have entirely changed their looks and are almost unrecognizable after they have gone under the knife.

Nevertheless, Saudi Arabian star Lojain looks beautiful with or without plastic surgery. She does not need any surgical procedures to enhance her beauty. Not to mention, the forty-five years old broadcaster still appears to be in her 30s.

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Some FAQs

How old is Lojain Omran?

Born on October 26, 1977, in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia, Lojain in forty-five years old.

Is Lojain Omran married?

Lojain Omran married her ex-husband Sheikh Salman Al Thani at the age of 16. The pair later divorced and Lojain dedicated her full-time to her business and career. She has two children with her former husband.

Have Lojain Omran undergone plastic surgery?

Recent speculations suggest that Dubai Bling star Lojain has undergone several plastic surgeries to enhance her beauty. However, the Saudi broadcaster has not addressed such rumors and continues to win the hearts of millions of people through her charm and kindness.