Luke Kirby wife Andrea Sarubbi is a costume designer. Luke and Andrea had a private wedding.

Luke is an American-Canadian actor known for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel as Lenny Bruce. He has also won a Primetime Emmy Aways for his role.

He was born and raised in Hamilton by his parents. His family moved to Canada from New York in 1974. 

The actor attended the National Theatre School of Canada and graduated in 2000. He then made his first TV debut in 2001 in a miniseries, Haven, and his movie debut was in the same year as Jake Hollander in Lost and Delirious.

Kirby's other notable projects include Gossip Girls, Panhandle, The Twilight Zone, Little Voice, Blindspot, Dark Harvest, Out of My Mind, and The Independent.

From December 2019 to January 2020, Kirby starred in the Off-Broadway play Judgment Day at New York's Park Avenue Armory.

Luke And His Wife Andrea Relationship Details

Andrea Sarubbi is a wardrobe stylist who designed costumes for the 2000 documentary Treaury Seekers, per her IMDb.

The couple has been together for quite a time now. According to ghgossip, evidence of a 10-year-old stirred describes them as a long-term lover.

There is not much information available on when the couple started dating. But in 2019, the couple began to make public appearances.

Luke took a selfie Andrea with Andrea During COVID and addressed he was safe
Luke took a selfie Andrea with Andrea During COVID and addressed he was safe ( Source : instagram )

After that, they two were spotted in many places together. They were seen together attending awards ceremonies and movie festivals.

They were also seen together at the 2019 Emmy Awards and post parties, while in 2021, they were spotted at Tribeca Festival.

According to one of the articles by Daily Mail, Luke referred Andrea, his long-term girlfriend, in August 2013.

However, the couple has never mentioned anything about their marriage. So, it is unknown when the couple exchanges their vows and where.

But they are deeply in love with each other and won't need any justification for their marriage to the public.

Luke Was Married To Alison Who Is Also An Actress

Luke Kirby ex-wife Alison Elliott is an actress known for The Wings of the Dove. Alison is 8 years older than Luke.

Alison was born and raised in San Francisco as a daughter of Bob Elliott and Barbara Elliott. Her father was a computer executive, and her mother taught nursing.

She has completed high school at the Urban School of San Francisco. Soon then, she started her modeling career at the age of 14.

Alison is an American actress
Alison is an American actress ( Source : rottentomatoes )

After that, she debuted on the TV sitcom Living Dolls in 1989. Since then, she has been part of movies such as 20th Century Woman, Lean on Pete, The Underneath, Hello Ladies, Servant, and more.

In addition to her role in TV and movies, she has also narrated many audiobooks, such as Belle Parter's Boy by Ruth White and its sequel.

There is not much information about the couple too. However, after being married for a while, they parted ways in early 2010.

Alison Elliott is married to John Elliot, with whom she shares two children. The family currently resides in Edinburgh.

He Has Also Been Linked With Other Women

Luke has been mainly seen being linked with his co-stars. His acting is so natural his fans ultimately connected him with his co-stars.

He has also been addressed to be in a relationship with Rachel Brosnahan and Katie Holmes.

Luke And His Co-star Rachel

Luke Kirby and Rachel Brosnahan have never dated each other. They are good friends and love to work with each other.

They together have worked in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Luke played the role of Lenny Bruce, and Rachel as Midge Maisel.

Luke and Rachel attended Artios Awards together in February 2020
Luke and Rachel attended Artios Awards together in February 2020 ( Source : instagram )

The series shows the dynamite chemistry between Midge and Lenny. The duo became fast friends in the series premiere when Midge landed herself in the back of a cop car already occupied by Lenny.

Since then, their paths kept crossing in New York, Florida, and everywhere, with each encounter charged with their irresistible chemistry.

Due to their chemistry in the show, many people started to pair them up together. They are often seen in interviews praising each other's work.

They both never fail to complement each other and are always seen saying how much they enjoy working together.

Their laughter, chemistry, and cute moments in the interviews confused fans about having a romantic relationship.

However, they are good friends who love working together and spend their leisure time laughing over each other's lame jokes.

Rachel married Jason Ralph in 2016. Both attended the 76th Golden Globe Awards ceremony in 2019.

Luke And His Co-star Katie

Luke Kirby and Katie Holmes don't have a romantic relationship. They have never dated each other.

They were co-actors in the movie Touched With Fire. Luke portrayed the role of Marco and Katie as Carla. Both were bipolar poets who first met in the hospital and fell in love with each other.

Luke and Katie together starred as a co-star of Along together
Luke and Katie together starred as a co-star of Along together ( Source : hollywoodlife )

The couple pushes each other to new heights of creativity and joy and new extremes of mania, causing their families to fear that they will lead each other to self-destruction.

They have portrayed their role well, and their fans loved their chemistry. The co-stars' chemistry was also displayed in BTS videos while shooting scenes on a city sidewalk, laughing and holding hands.

The duo was first seen together strolling with grins in New York City. Many suspected they started dating whoever, ABC cleared, "They're starring in a movie together."

However, they were never linked romantically in real life but as Carla and Marco in reel life. The couple has also worked together in movie Alone Together which released in 2022.