Mark Ghanimé is a Lebanese-Canadian actor and producer
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44-year-old Lebanese-Canadian actor Mark Ghanime, best known for his roles as Major Sergio Ballesteros on the original series Helix has never named his wife. 

Indeed, he is ready to make his comeback with the part of Dr. Cameron Hayek in the fourth season of Virgin River.

The Netflix drama series stars a nurse practitioner who wants to start anew by moving to a remote northern California town. 

Indeed, his character developed a crush on the protagonist, Mel, after getting hired by Doc.

Although she already has a lover and is pregnant with his baby, he makes sure to make his attraction known as he believes she deserves better. 

Does Mark Ghanime Have A Wife? Partner Details 2022

Actor Mark Ghanime has not spoken about a wife or a potential girlfriend.

But that does not mean he has remained celibate though his 44 years on Earth, as he is the proud father of a preteen daughter. The little one goes by the name of Mika and refuses to show her face, fearing the unresentful nature of the media.


He has cited in his IMDB that he and his partner raised their daughter in Montreal, but he does not disclose their relationship.

Born on December 1, 1977, he is the son of a Canadian mother and a Lebanese father. In his early years, he divided his time between Calgary and Montreal as he got versed in three languages, French, English, and Arabic, due to his diverse heritage.

The acting was not even a thought as his primary focus was on academics with the intent of becoming a businessman and having a knack for real estate. 

In his early 20s, he graduated with a finance degree from the University of Lethbridge but was unsatisfied with his life.

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Meanwhile, he probed his creative side by taking vocal lessons and hip-hop dance classes as he even landed a background role in Chasing Freedom. It was like a bulb went off in his mind as he realized it was his true calling. 

What Is Mark Ghanime Sexuality? Gay Rumors Explored 

Although actor Mark Ghanime has not spoken out about his sexuality or being gay, he does not mind playing a gay character for the sake of his roles.

For his portrayal in the Christmas TV movie, Twinkle all the Way, he and co-star Brian Sills had no trouble sharing a peck as required by the script. 

The lifetime feel-good movie premiered in 2019 as it has the perfect mixture of sappy, cute, and silly romance. Brian Herzlinger and Megan Henry Herzlinger came up with the story with outstanding directions by Brian, as the same-gender kiss between Lex Harrison and husband Danny did raise some eyebrows. 

Even the actors had no clue which would be the final take for the climax as the crew had shot with both couples. His co-star Sillis told The Daily Beast that the makers were unsure about the response and shot a scene with and without the kiss.

Ultimately, their emotion won over the final cut as the pair rejoiced after recognizing the final scene.

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Indeed, they were not the protagonist as even having LGBTQ characters in Lifetime films is incredible, most of which are notorious for having heterosexual sexual male-dominated couples. 

Besides, progress happens in small amounts as it is only a matter of time when the queer community comes to the forefront with projects like Netflix’s Let It Snow, making buzz before its release.