Welsh snooker player Mark Wiliams has difficulty distinguishing between red and brown balls due to his colour blindness. Has he suffered from this disability from his birth or developed it later in life? Let's find out!

Snooker player Mark has a vision issue, yet he has managed to play snooker despite it. He is a gifted and hardworking athlete who was devoted to his profession and never gave up on his ambitions.

Mark has been playing professional snooker for many years. With his games and incredible snooker skills, he has never failed to amaze his admirers and followers.

Is Mark Williams Colour Blind Since Birth?

As per some online sources, it is said that Mark is colour blind since his birth. He is colourblind and has trouble telling the difference between red and brown balls,  which leads him to trouble on one occasion when he potted a brown ball thinking it was red.

Talking about his achievements in his career he has been honored with the titles "Sprog," "Welsh Potting Machine," and "The Welsh Wonder" throughout his career. He received his snooker gift from God and has been using it in his games.

Despite his colour blindness, Mark manages to put up a fight against his opponents. He is regarded as one of the most respected athletes in the world, and he inspires a large number of people all over the world.

It is critical to have strong eyesight as a snooker player, but Williams has defied expectations by demonstrating that everything is possible if we try. Williams has inspired people to believe in themselves and strives for success in their lives.

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Know More On Snooker Player's Eye Condition

The snooker player has colour blindness which indicates perceives colours differently than the majority of people. colour blindness makes it difficult to distinguish between different hues most of the time.

This disease doesn't have any cure but special glasses and contact lenses can cure this disease. Mark was so sure of himself that he never let his eye issue be a source of weakness; instead, he turned it into a source of strength and pushed on to a brighter future.

He is a kind and humble individual who serves as an excellent role model for those who lack confidence in themselves due to illnesses. Mark battled a lot at the beginning of his profession, which taught him a lot of valuable life lessons.

Explore The Carrer Earnings And Net Worth Of Williams 2022

Williams is worth £4.83 million ($6.32 million), according to sports money blog SPORTEKZ. As per the website, he is the world's fourth wealthiest snooker player.

He has received numerous medals and accolades throughout his career as one of the wealthiest snooker players. He and his wife Joanne Dent, whom he married in 2011, have been living a quiet affluent life.

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The 47-year-old athlete was born and reared in the Welsh town of Cwm. Since his boyhood, he has aspired to be successful and has achieved all of his goals via hard effort.

Mark has 26.7k Instagram followers and is well-known all across the world. He goes by the handle @mark_ williams _mbe on social media and has a lot of photographs of himself and his family.