Hispanic actress Karla Souza is blissfully married to her banker husband, Marshall Trenkmann, who recently turned 41.

The Mexican performer has been a keen representative for her community as she got chosen as a speaker for the 2022 Fiesta Celebration on Saturday, hosted by the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The annual event ensures a silent auction with tequila services for those interested.

All in all, the celebrations of one's culture are an unmissable event, as they have dance performances with women in their traditional attires. 
Indeed, she is the perfect person for the job as she overcame adversity in her career and has been successful in her professional ventures. Her status as a mother of two did not hinder her progress, as she became an inspiration for the public.

The interested participants can arrive at the Hotel Paso Del Norte, 10 Henry Trost Court but would need the audience of a table as individual tickets are not available for purchase.

Quick Info:

NameMarshall Trenkmann
Age41 years
WifeKarla Souza

Some FAQs

Who is Karla Souza husband?

Souza became engaged to Marshall Trenkmann and the couple married in May 2014. Together, they have two children; daughter Gianna (born April 2018) and son Luka (born June 2020).

How old is Karla Souza?

Souza was born in Mexico City, Mexico, on December 11, 1985, to a Chilean father and a Mexican mother, Mónica and is 36 years old.

Is Karla Souza Spanish?

Karla Souza was born in Mexico as her mother is from Mexico and her father is from Chile.

Marshall Trenkmann Age - How Old Is Karla Souza Husband?

41-year-old Marshall Trenkmann married his wife, actress Karla Souza, and became her husband in 2014. 

In a candid interview, she opened up about their relationship, explaining that they bonded over having a loved one with mental illness.

Indeed, as a young child, she always got confused because of her mom and her indecisive mood swings, and she later got diagnosed with bipolar disorder. 

She told Lily that she had never connected with her previous boyfriends on a deeper level as she could not bear to air out her dirty laundry and explain her mother's condition. It was a detail she wished to keep to herself as she always felt they were not ready to indulge in the dark aspect of her childhood. 

Trenkmann swooped in like a knight in shining armor as he openly conversed about his brother suffering from schizophrenia. Even the first family meeting happened on a similar pattern as her mom got a maniac episode mid-conversation.

Texan banker Marshall Trenkmann married his wife actress Karla Souza in 2014.
Texan banker Marshall Trenkmann married his wife actress Karla Souza in 2014. ( Source : yen )

Knowing the signs of a sick person, he remained calm throughout the ordeal and even directed them to ease her out of her status. 

It was enough to make her heart skip a beat as she realized the support of a loved one was more mighty than any attraction. 

The Texan banker had already lost his heart as the only thing that got left was their journey to the aisle. After spending a few months as an engaged couple, they said their vows at Tequesquitengo's Hotel Hacienda Vista Hermosa as they abided by the religious aspects of the ceremony. 

Even after their marriage, he remained sweet as honey, sending her loving notes and texts whenever he would be out at his day job. 

Their combined adoration for their culture ensures terrific dinnertime conversations as he always leaves her articles about Latinos while wishing her a good day. 

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Marshall Trenkmann Kids, Gianna And Luka

Marshall Trenkmann is one of the fortunate ones as he is the father of two kids, a daughter Gianna and a son named Luke Trenckmann. 

The couple of eight years found the joy of their parenthood when their spouse suddenly announced the arrival of baby Gianna in 2018. It had been a few days after filming had wrapped of her hit show How to Get Away with Murder. It had been two years of bliss between the mother-daughter pairs as they often wore matching outfits.

She was not so forthcoming with her child the second time, declaring the good news only four weeks before her due date, as her prominent belly stated she was ready to give birth at any moment.

In an interview with People magazine, she dished out about the 7 lbs., 4 oz baby that arrived at her home on June 12th, as the parents could not stop their joy. Her daughter was ecstatic about his coming as she had already begun teaching him the words to Poco Loco from the children's movie Coco. 

Karla Souza having fun with her kids, Gianna and Luke in September.
Karla Souza having fun with her kids, Gianna and Luke in September. ( Source : instagram )

The conception of her second child came with hope and ambitions for the future as she realized her oldest would be the perfect example to live by. There were countless instances of heaviness and injustice around her as she worried about the kind of humans they would grow.

Last May, she thanked the makers of Home Economics as they perfectly recreated the hardships of motherhood through the outlet of her on-screen persona. The document on maternity coincided with her priorities, as having children magnified her emotions on the sets. 

Indeed, she magnificently portrayed the lack of patience, trauma, and the burden of caring for another human until it suddenly bursts. 

The robust audience responses made her make self-improvement each day as her daughter saw the show and comforted her on her days of highs and lows. Gianna is a product of her teaching and motivations, as she wishes to pass on everything, the positive and the negative, to the next generation. 

Moreover, the experience was eye-opening, telling the kids that nothing is perfect, even their mother. 

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Marshall Trenkmann Net Worth

As of 2022, the net worth of Marshall Trenkmann reached one million dollars as he is a banker based in Texas. 

He got his beginning after securing a degree from Texas A&M University and graduated in accounting. His thirst for knowledge was not over as he continued his master's degree from the same institute while taking some Latin American and Spanish classes.

Right after graduation, he secured a job at CIB LATAM in Mexico City, where he was appointed credit team leader. After two and a half years, he switched corporations and began his journey at CIB Oil and Gas Credit team, located in Houston.

Marshall Trenkmann, his pregnant wife, Karla Souza and daughter, Gianna in a civil movement.
Marshall Trenkmann, his pregnant wife, Karla Souza and daughter, Gianna in a civil movement. ( Source : instagram )

His marriage derailed the course of his life as he moved to the City of Angles and collaborated with JP Morgan as their credit risk director. 

He is also a board member at the Center Theatre Group, wishing to get involved in their wife's career.

Meanwhile, his partner got busy making a name through Mexican telenovelas, getting film roles in From Prada to Nada, Nosotros Los Nobles, and Instructions Not Included.

In 2014, her focus shifted to English-centered projects as she got cast as a regular series in How to Get Away with Murder, made by Shonda Rhimes. The legal drama selected her as a law student Laurel Castillo, but her current job is as Marina in the sitcom Home Economics.

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Meet Marshall Trenkmann On Instagram

Unfortunately, Marshall Trenkmann is not on Instagram as he wants nothing to do with social media. 

But you can find glimpses of him on his wife's account, Karla Souza, where she had almost four million followers. 

The verified platforms are a product of her blood, sweat, and tears, as she wholeheartedly believes in working for the greater cause by using her reach. The emphasis on family is a recurring theme while her husband remains notably absent.

Mostly, he is behind the camera, capturing moments of their lives one day at a time, but he does not was to face such vast forms of life. 

Besides, her daily ventures are more than satisfactory to keep her audiences entertained when she even showed up with fangs for her role as Audrey, the vampire real estate agent in the dystopian movie Day Shift.