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Mary Schmucker net worth is $150 thousand as a TV personality. Mary was a regular member of Return To Amish but later left the show.

Mary grew up as a typical Amish living the Old School Amish lifestyle, so she had no access to cars, other electronic equipment, or fancy clothes.

Like all Amish people, Mary, aka Mama Mary, lived a life different from that of the English. But, her curiosity and desire to live normally led her to leave the community eventually.

Most notably, she is best known as a member of the cast of Return to Amish. She is known among Amish fans as Mama Mary. 

The show premiered in 2012 with four Amish and one Mennonite cast member. She is said to have left the show to make changes to the Amish Church.

Mary Schmucker Net Worth

TLC paid Mary Schmucker an estimated $1000 per episode. That, combined with income from her business, resulted in a total net worth of $150 thousand.

Since leaving the Amish community, Mary has been free to explore her talent in running several businesses. She started a Bed and Breakfast in 2015, but it failed inspection.

However, the minor setback on her entrepreneurial path did not deter her dreams and goals of establishing a successful business.

Since 2016, Mary has published a cookbook and dabbled in the Tupperware business. She works for Tupperware in the United States and Canada.

She was famous as Mama Marry in the television show
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During the fifth season of Return to Amish, the Amish church disowned the old lady. She left the show to reconcile with the Amish church.

Mary had become a mother figure to her castmates over the years. They will miss her terribly, especially Jeremiah Raber.

She has also gone through various health issues in the past few days. After hitting the gym, Mary hired a personal trainer and became a treadmill fan. 

Mary is active on her social media handle. She has a history as a reality star. Her fans still want to know about her life, so she updates her life through her social media account.  Her Instagram followers are 22.6k in total.

After some time, there were visible changes n her lifestyle. she can easily do her household chores after her health recovery.

In her recent Instagram post, Mary shared that she has colon cancer. later, on her social media, she confirmed with her fans with a post that she was doing good so far and her health was getting a lot better. 

Three Ways Mary Makes Her Money

Mary earned money while filming for the show. But, since she left, she has made money in other ways.

After much struggle, the Amish community welcomed her, but she still broke the rules after returning. The Return to Amish cast member has a good reason to use her cell phone, even if it counts as breaking the rules.

Her cell phone is used for business purposes. Mary must also have a cell phone for people to pay for them. She accepts payments through a cash app. Without a phone, there is no money. 

Mama Mary earns money through a variety of sources. The following are some of the ways she has collected wealth.

1. Selling Her Cookbooks Online

She has been selling her cookbooks online. She collects the payments via a cash app. Mary loves sharing recipes with others. She even plans to share tutorials on preparing some of her famous recipes. 

People love and adore her way of cooking and teaching about various recipes. She has been successful with this business of hers.

2. Selling Tupperware

Moreover, selling cookbooks isn't the only source of income for Mama Schmucker of Return to Amish. She also sells Tupperware. She enjoys food-of-sale containers and has had great success with them. 

According to Mary, she was recently promoted to manager, and the promotion came with a bonus. She is hoping for another promotion in the next few months. Her ambition is to own a Tupperware car.

3. Making Crochet And Blankets

Mama Mary makes crochets when she isn't selling cookbooks or food containers. The TLC star enjoys crocheting blankets. She sells them as well.

Mary receives so many orders for her blankets that she is kept busy for months. She doesn't have much time to work on the blankets because she is also involved in the Amish community.

Net Worth Of Mary Husband And Other Cast Members Of The Show

Mary recently married her husband, Chester Schmucker. Her marriage was doomed after she left the Amish community to live in England. She began leaving with her son Abe Schmucker, who had already left the community.

Meanwhile, Mary's husband remained in the community and lived the same way. However, his total assets are known to date.

Marry left the Amish community to live the english life
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The Total Assets Of Other Cast Members In Return To Amish

Return to Amish features Breaking Amish cast members returning to their hometowns, and the show delves into their lives, struggles, and controversies.

Return to Amish began in 2014, following the conclusion of Breaking Amish, and it quickly grew in popularity. Fans have seen five seasons of the show so far. And the 2021 season began in March of that year.

All cast members are paid to appear on the show; the producer pays them based on their celebrity and screen time.

The Return to Amish cast would earn around $1,000 per episode. The Return to Amish stars would achieve roughly the same amount.

  1. Jeremiah Raber has total assets of $1 million, which is comparatively more than Mary's.
  2. Sabrina Burkholder, a regular show member, is worth $250 thousand.
  3. Carmela Raber has an estimated wealth of $100 thousand, a little less than Mary's.
  4. Rebecca Schmucker has an estimated income of $90 thousand, which is less than that of all members in the show.