Matt Rogers is famous comedian and podcast host
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Matt Rogers and his boyfriend Jared Frieder have separated their ways. Jared is an assistant writer for Chasing Life on ABC Family Channel.

The former couple came out as lovers in 2017. Their love story flourished all over their social media handles until the day they parted ways.

Jared has directed the coming-of-age comedy Three Months under the influence of his personal life.

Rogers has also acted in some television series, especially comedy series. His acting credits include series such as Shrill, Awkwafina is Nora From Queens, Search Party, Our Cartoon President, Q-Force, and the recently released I Love That for You.

Rogers is also a writer for the comedy series The Other Two and has written an episode of Q-Force. Let's know more about him.

Matt Rogers Is A Comedian

Matt Rogers came out as gay while pursuing his Bachelor's in Fine Arts degree from New York University. Matt is a comedian and writer.

The actor grew up on Long Island in fear of other people knowing his truth. He was a sports child, and his father supported and influenced him from childhood.

Matt Rogers is one of the several gay actors in the romantic comedy movie Fire Island. The modern-day queer adaptation of the Jane Austin classic Pride and Prejudice also stars Joel Kim Booster.

Bowen Yang, Conrad Ricamora, Margaret Cho, and James Scully are openly gay actors.

Matt Rogers Once Romanced Boyfriend Jared Frieder

Matt Rogers and his former boyfriend Jared Frieder publicly accepted their relationship in 2017. The couple was never shy about showering love to each other.

In a short matter of time, Matt and Jared separated due to some unknown reason. Despite the heart-wrenching breakup, Matt called Jared to his podcast.

Frieder took a harsher decision to cut his ex-boyfriend Matt from his debut film Three Months. The movie is about Caleb, a South Florida teen.

Even though Matt and Jared are no longer in a relationship, they have not removed each other’s pictures from their social media profiles.

On June 29, Jared celebrated his birthday with Matt and other friends. The former couple looked cozy alongside each other, so we may hint if they are back together.

The Love Island actor was in a relationship with the musician and composer Henry Koperski for a while. But the romance did not last long, and the couple broke up amicably.

Facts on Matt Rogers

  • Matt Rogers was born to Richard and Katrina Rogers on March 5, 1990.
  • The comedian is also a co-host of the podcast Las Culturistas.
  • Matt attended Islip High School and New York University.
  • Rogers has made guest appearances on multiple television series, including Shrill, Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens, and Search Party.
  • Matt is color blind.
  • He filmed Fire Island alongside his friends.