Matt and Ashley started dating in 2017
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Matt Shively girlfriend Ashley Newbrough is a talented American actress. Ashley Newbrough has been active in the movie industry since 2000.

The talented lady is a perfect fit to become Matt's better half, as they both share an immense love for movies and have a common professional background.

Ashley is undoubtedly one of the most talented actresses active in the industry and has entertained the masses since the age of 13.

She debuted with the 2000 tv series The Zack Files as Alice, and she only appeared in the inaugural episode of the series.

On the other hand, her partner, Matt, started late in the industry but has more credit in his name than his lover. He started his acting journey in 2007 and has bagged 56 acting credits to his name.

Matt Shively Girlfriend

Matt Shively girlfriend Ashley Newbrough is a famous movie actress from the USA. Ashley has 26 acting credits to her name so far.

Despite being born in Newport, Rhode Island, the talented actress grew up in Cambridge, Ontario, with her Canadian mother and an American father.

She moved into that part o the world at the age of 3 and had spent most of her childhood there. However, she moved back to her birthplace because of her acting job, which she achieved at 13.

Ashley attending the Saving Christmas Spirit movie premiere at DGA Theater Complex on December 10
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Ashley had no idea that the role of a child character in the 2000 movie The Zack Files would change her life forever. She became one of the favorites for the role of minor characters in early 2000s movies.

As of now, the famous actress has completed 22 years in the movie industry and also had been part of some notable projects in her career.

She is most recognized for her role as Becca in the 2015 Hallmark movie Love Under the Stars. In past years, Ashley has been acting as the lead in holiday movies like Saving Christmas and Spirit Christmas for Keeps.

Matt And Ashley Relationship Timeline

Matt and Ashley have been in a relationship since 2017. They have known each other via mutual friends and are now bound for life.

The Couple Started Dating In 2017

Ashley started giving hints about their probable romance in October 2017 when she posted three different group images, which consisted of the American actor. She seemed a bit close to him.

Matt shared this image on Instagram to celebrate first year of togetherness with Ashley
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However, in a 2018 Instagram post, Matt admitted that the pair had been dating since August 2017, and he had uploaded that image as a celebration of their first anniversary.

Matt and Ashley Celebrated Their Third Valentines Day Together In 2020

The couple loves spending time together, and their Instagram handle is proof. They post their activities in real life, and the fans also love the chemistry between these two actors.

Matt and Ashley celebrated their 3rd Valentine's Day together in 2020
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On one similar occasion, Matt uploaded an image on Instagram mentioning that he had spent 3 Valentine's days with his partner. He said that with every passing day, she gets even better, and he loves every bit of his partner.

The Acting Duo Celebrates Every Special Occasion Together

Matt and his partner are an example of a perfect couple. They are happy with each other and are also one of the supporting pillars of their life.

They celebrate every special occasion together. One such event was when they celebrated the start of 2020 at El Dorado Maroma, Mexico.

Ashley celebrating her birthday on October 13 with Matt
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Most recently, the pair celebrated their birthdays together, and each of them got to appreciate their love for each other via Instagram posts.