Is Matthew Gray Gubler Gay?

Matthew Gray Gubler is a straight person. By looking at his past relationships and current activities, it can be confirmed that the Criminal Minds actor is certainly not a gay person.

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Matthew's character in Criminal Minds, Dr. Spencer Reid was envisioned to be a bisexual man, as revealed by the series creator Jeff Davis. But the idea was shut down by the network by revealing that he had developed a crush on his colleague, Jennifer.

Being an actor, Matthew has portrayed numerous characters in his almost two-decades-long acting journey. Some roles he played may not be straight. It is a credit to his acting chops that he is able to immerse in his role as a person of any sexuality.

Matthew Gray Gobler with his book Rumple Buttercup.
Matthew Gray Gobler with his book Rumple Buttercup.

Is Matthew Gray Gubler Dating Anybody In 2022

The Criminal Minds star is not dating anybody currently in 2022, it can be confirmed. He told in an interview that he dated many times in his past and none of them worked out. Nowadays, he does not go on a date too often.

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Nevertheless, the (500) Days of Summer actor has had about five or six high-profile relationships in his past. In 2004, Matthew, 24, was linked with singer Charlotte Kemp Muhl, who was just 16 years old at that time. But things did not work out between the two and they went separate ways. 

The King Knight actor also dated the Thor actress Kat Dennings during a time in his career in 2007. But their schedule did not match and had to end the relationship abruptly. They remain good friends now, having acted on the tv series Dollface together in 2019. 

Additionally, Gubler dated Portugues star Marisa Morris in 2008 but broke up after a year. He also dated Ali Michael, whom he met through the modeling agency DNA. He later dated musician Victoria Asher and even seemed to have a relationship with Taylor Swift.

Matthew Gray Gubler Family Details

Matthew Gray Gubler was born to Marilyn and John Gubler. His mother is a rancher and a political consultant whereas his father is an attorney.

Matthew Gray Gobler with his parents.
Matthew Gray Gobler with his parents.

Matthew is the brother of fashion designer Laura Dahl, who has her own line of contemporary women's clothing. He has a half-brother John Gray Gubler.

The actor has amassed a huge following on his Instagram, @gublergram. He is followed by 3.4 million people.

Moreover, he is also an artist and has made many sketches. They can be viewed on his personal website. He is also an author and has published a book titled Rumple Buttercup.