Mayra and Donnie are engaged and very much still together with one another. They have a significant age gap of 34 years.

In the background, Mayra's now-fiancé Donnie Scott was cheering her on. People began to notice him in her Instagram stories after a while, and questions began to pour in. Mayra revealed that he was her boyfriend at the time and informed her followers that he is 34 years her senior.

Some people don't get it, and they've received their fair share of hateful comments and questions. People have even asked if she's with him for money or a green card.

They have, however, received a great deal of support, and their age-gap relationship has touched many people. They give their Instagram followers a glimpse into their personal lives, including vacations and dinners, and they also have fun with viral trends and answering questions about their relationships.

Are Mayra and Donnie Still Together?

Mayra and Donnie have been seeing each other for quite a long time now. They seem to be in a very happy relationship and are still together till now.

The couple has been dating for seven years now and is already engaged as well.

However, they are not gotten married yet. Hopefully, they might have planned something big for their big day and will announce it soon.

Mayra and Donnie express about how madly they are into eachother via their instagram handle
Mayra and Donnie express about how madly they are into eachother via their instagram handle ( Source : instagram )

The pair are very active on social media platforms and they have also made the announcement about their engagement via their youtube channel.

Both of them are practically attached at the hip and do everything together.

It can be seen on their Instagram handle also as they often post about each other on their social media handle as well. Their good wisher also loves them as a team.

Mayra and Donnie Age Gap Is Quite Significant

Mayra and Donnie have a significant age difference of 34 years old, but the couple has proven over the years that age is just a number.

In the very beginning, people were disturbed by the fact that a young girl is dating a man twice her age but slowly things worked out and people also started understanding that love is above everything. After all this time, the pair proved to everyone by staying strong and working on each other.

Mayra and Donnie are celebrating 7 years of togetherness.
Mayra and Donnie are celebrating 7 years of togetherness. ( Source : instagram )

Now, all their fan followers adore them and love watching them together.

Mayra and Donnie exercise together, hike, bike, ski, go to the beach, and enjoy dining out to try new foods whenever they are free. They never miss a chance to make time for each other.

Meanwhile, their favorite thing to do is to hang out at the house and enjoy a good meal, watch a sunset and share family time.

Who Are Mayra And Donnie?

Mayra Wendolyne grew up in Los Angeles, California (Pico Rivera) and considered herself to be a "city girl" until she met Donnie. They both are social media stars and Marya talks about her weight loss journey and healthy eating habits over there.

Five years ago, Wendolyne relocated to Laguna Beach, California with her fiance Donnie. 

Mayra Wendolyne has 1.8 million Instagram followers, over a million TikTok followers, and over 856k subscribers to her YouTube channel, Low Carb Love, in just five years. Those figures are staggering, particularly for a 37-year-old mother who did not grow up with social media.

Mayra and Donnie about to head for a romantic dinner together
Mayra and Donnie about to head for a romantic dinner together ( Source : instagram )

She uses her social media platforms to share low-carb and keto recipes with her followers, as well as to discuss her weight loss journey, which resulted in her losing 135 pounds and keeping it off for nearly two decades. Her authenticity, transparency, and contagious personality, on the other hand, are what really set her apart.

On the other hand, the couple has a joint Instagram handle under the name @mayraanddonnie, where both of them make videos, and people seem to love it. The handle has over 265K followers as of now.