Jacob Bertrand plays the role of Hawk in Cobra Kai, streaming on Netflix.
Jacob Bertrand plays the role of Hawk in Cobra Kai, streaming on Netflix.( Source : netflixjunkie )

Cobra Kai's Jacob Bertrand was born to his supportive parents, Scott Bertrand and Christina Bertrand, who dished his thoughts on the fifth season of the hit Netflix series. 

In an exclusive interview with pop culture, he spoke about his character, Hawk, especially getting excited after getting his infamous mohawk back. 

Although the hairstyle is a stylistic choice, it set him apart from the rest of the cast as it spoke at length about his fierce yet uncaring personality. The added six inches of height aided in intimating his counterparts, a necessary aspect for karate players. 

In the previous season, fans' jaws dropped when Robby, played by Tanner Buchanan, chopped off his hair, talking about his confidence with him. However, it all came to a full circle after he won the All-Valley Tournament without it. 

The character arc resonated with people outside the film sets as they came up to him in celebration of his surprising triumph. He found the experience hilarious and held his head high after reaching a larger audience. 

Besides, the fifth edition promised more drama than ever, getting a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes, a feat that anyone cannot achieve. You can catch the latest episodes on Netflix starting on September 9.

Quick Info:

NameJacob Bertrand
BornMarch 6, 2000
Age22 years
ParentsScott and Christina Bertrand
SiblingsBlake and Makenna Bertrand

Some FAQs

Did Jacob Bertrand and Peyton List date?

Peyton List and his girlfriend Jacob Bertrand confirm they're dating in 2022. The duo has been admired by their fans.

Who is the mohawk Kid in Cobra Kai?

Jacob Bertrand has portrayed the mohawk Kid in Cobra Kai. Ralph Macchio has portrayed Daniel LaRusso in the same series.

How old is Jacob Bertrand?

Jacob Bertrand is 22 years old, as of 2022. Jacob was born to his parents on March 6, 2000 to his parents in the United States.

Cobra Kai's Jacob Bertrand Parents: Scott Bertrand, Christina Bertrand

Cobra Kai actor Jacob Bertrand was born to his caring parents, Scott Bertrand and Christina Bertrand, on March 6, 2000.

Although they are not too keen about showing off their faces, Jacob makes sure to alert his audience about their existence as he posted about a hilarious night in 2015 when the family realized their mom was horrible at playing monopoly. 

The clan has always been tight as thieves as they share their thoughts behind closed doors. They were the ones who drove him to the initial push to begin acting as they drove him to every audition and stayed till the scenes got over. 

Jacob Bertrand’s family potrait alongside parents Scott and Christina Bertrand, with siblings Makenna and Blake.
Jacob Bertrand’s family potrait alongside parents Scott and Christina Bertrand, with siblings Makenna and Blake. ( Source : lawofthefist )

The love for arts made him try his hand at singing and dancing while still excited about outdoor sports like basketball and swimming. Some sources also added that he was part of the school soccer team, playing competitively for nine years until acting became his primary focus.

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Jacob Bertrand's Girlfriend Peyton List

22-year-old American actor Jacob Bertrand recently confirmed his budding romance with his girlfriend Cobra Kai star Peyton List.

They met on the sets of the series, where she played Tori Nichols while he was a primary castmate.

Rumer began circulating when they appeared arm in arm in movie premieres, but they did not have the heart to confirm the conjecture. The suspicious birthday posts aroused skepticism as there was more than just friendship in the captions.

The internet got taken over by a storm in March of this year when the notorious paparazzi TMZ caught them together at Los Angeles International Airport. 

Indeed, there was no use in denying their relationship as the cat was already out of the bag, as they had to confirm the facts. The actor admitted they had been seeing each other for quite some time as they had recently committed to a severe coupling. 

Cobra Kai co-stars Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand are finally confirming they're dating after months of speculation from fans.
Cobra Kai co-stars Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand are finally confirming they're dating after months of speculation from fans. ( Source : justjared )

There was no bound to Jacob's happiness as he blushed when he said they had a good time having on and offsets. They began as friends as he had close ties with her brother Spencer when he suddenly confessed he had a crush on his sister. 

Besides, the familiarity that comes with knowing someone since their teenage years remains unmatched as their 20s are the perfect time to date. 

Meanwhile, his girlfriend was hoping the revelations do not become problematic as she knows the repercussion of dating an actor, let alone a castmate. 

They mostly keep to themselves, but he unveiled some cozy moments on his Instagram handle.

But it was not his first time publically falling in love, as he also had a romance with Serena Pullen at the beginning of 2017. They lasted for about five years before quietly parting ways. 

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Jacob Bertrand's Net Worth And Career

American actor Jacob Bertrand has a net worth that reaches up to two million dollars, although he is in his 20s. 

His journey to show biz began at a young age when he secured a minor role in the 2008 film House. He was only eight when he had his debut role as he got selected by various advertisements, movies, and series following its success. 

Then, Nickelodeon got a hold of him as they called him to voice the character of Gil on Bubble Guppies. Similarly, he guest starred in the NBC comedies Community and Parks Recreation, having a minor role for an episode. 

He returned to the kid's channel when he got cast in Disney's original movie, The Swap, when he played Jack Malloy in 2016. 

Bertrand participated in Smile Train’s annual Student Ambassador conference
Bertrand participated in Smile Train’s annual Student Ambassador conference ( Source : heavy )

Perhaps the role that truly made him a household name was his presence in the YouTube Premium/Netflix television series Cobra Kai, which began airing in 2018. The familiar story is a continuation of the original The Karate Kid, aired on Youtube Red before getting picked up by Netflix after two seasons. 

The return of the original aces, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, ensured the influx of watchers as it picked up the story 34 years later than the initial movies. 

Besides, he has not just limited himself to acting when he opened a Youtube channel in 2015 and supported about eighty thousand subscribers. His monthly uploads usually consist of behind-the-scenes footage from the show as he sincerely trained for his part. 

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Jacob Bertrand Personal Life

Netflix artist Jacob Bertrand may be too keen about speaking about his personal life but he does have an adorable puppy. 

He also opened up about his four-year training in martial arts between the ages of eight to twelve. He decided to learn how to defend himself after experiencing years of bullying, beginning from his elementary school years when they hated the sight of him.

The event scarred him for life as he began raging against the lowlifes as they had no reason to make his life so miserable.

Still, the training process before the show was hard on him like the rest of the cast, as he had to be the best. 

One should not forget his enormous heart as he is an adamant philanthropist, partaking in charity fundraising events since he was 15. His go-to causes are raising money for cancer patients and spreading awareness about HIV, as he is willing to go to any lengths to bring focus to the cause. 

You can meet him on his social medial platform as he is available on Instagram with the account handle, thejacobbertrand, where he has almost three million followers. 

The platform is a daily diary of his day-to-day life where he has opened up about his love for the outdoors, going on skis, suffering, and exploring whenever he can.

Jacob Bertrand posing for a snap with his puppy in 2021.
Jacob Bertrand posing for a snap with his puppy in 2021. ( Source : instagram )

Who Are Jacob Bertrand Siblings, Blake And Makenna Bertrand?

Growing up as one of three siblings, Jacob Bertrand spent his early years under the guidance of his brother Blake Bertrand and a sister named Makenna Bertrand.

After entering the world on March 6th, 2000, it was like they had a new toy to play with as they taught him everything they knew.

Indeed, the pair had a humungous influence on his life as he developed a knack for acting at a young age. Contrary to popular belief, his inspiration did not come from watching TV series or action moves; it was a little closer to home.

His oldest sister babbled about wanting to act on the big screen as he only followed in her footsteps. The duo used to hang out in their spare time, as the age differences did not bother them.

Meanwhile,  brother Blake was not far behind as he had already spent 15 years in the industry with appearances on the daytime series, Criminal Minds and How I Met Your Mother. 

Besides, one of his favorite pastimes is going biking with his brother as he enjoys strumming guitar strings for his downtime.