Mia Honey Threapleton appeared in a TV drama with her mother, Kate Winslet ( Source : Thesun )

Mia Honey Threapleton is the lovely daughter of  Kate Winslet, an English actress known for her work in independent films. Kate has shared the screen with her daughter Mia in a drama series, I Am.

Honey, an English child actress, showed her phenomenal and impressive acting skill in a Drama series, I Am, with her mother, Kate. The child actress is famous for her acting skills in A Little Chaos ( 2014), and Shadows (2020). Like her mother, Mia is eager to imprint her affection on Hollywood through her acting.

According to Daily Mail, Mia's mother Kate has a role in the most awaited movie, Avatar. She recently took a shot for an underwater scene for her new role. She broke a free-diving record after experiencing hypothermia while filming Titanic.

The 46-year-old actress has paired up with Titanic director James Cameron for the December 16 release of Avatar, as recorded in Evening Standard.

More Things To Know About Mia Honey Threapleton

NameMia Honey Threapleton
Mother's Name Kate Winslet
Father's NameJim Threapleton
GrandfatherRoger WInslet
GrandmotherBridges-Winslet, Sally
CousinBridges-Winslet, Sally

Kate Winslet's Daughter: Mia Honey Threapleton

Mia Honey Threapleton, the eldest daughter of Kate Winslet, is emerging in Hollywood for her impressive acting skill.

The Oscar winner's daughter, Threapleton, is 20 years old and goes by Honey. Her name is a tribute to Mia's father and Winslet's first husband, director Jim Threapleton. 

According to The Sun, Mia, 21, appeared with her mother for the drama series, I Am. The series's team members started to film in may near Winslet's Surrey home for Channel 4 drama.

Kate Winslet and Mia Threapleton appeared in a HBO's drama series, I Am, in ascent films.
Kate Winslet and Mia Threapleton appeared in a HBO's drama series, I Am, in ascent films. ( Source : sportskeeda )

In I Am, Dominic Savage, the writer, tried to express the tension between a mother and a daughter obsessed with online influencers. Despite her mother's influence, Mia has set her own identity in the film industry. 

Mia Honey, 21, stepped in her first movie, Shadows, in 2020. Since Mia has a different surname, the directors had no idea who her mother was. Kate reported to The Sun her elder daughter, Mia, slipped right under the radar because of her different surname.

Talking to the Independent, along with Winslet's mother, Alan Rickman, and the late Helen McCrory, Threapleton also had a small role in Winslet's 2014 movie A Little Chaos.

Kate Winslet acknowledged in an interview that she believed it was inevitable that her daughter will follow in her footsteps. It would appear that ability does flow in the family because Mia Threapleton decided to pursue her dream of becoming an actor. The young actress revealed to Variety that her first film audition was for Shadows.

Kate is fully supportive of her daughter's career choice and her decision to become an actress.

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Mia Honey Threapleton's Age- Details About Her Parents

Mia Honey Threapleton, 22, was born to celebrity parents, Kate Winslet and Jim Threapleton, in 2000.

Her parents met on the set of Hideous Kinky and tightened their knots in November 1998 in Winslet's hometown in Reading. Unfortunately, the couple could not sustain their marriage life and divorced in 2001. Winslet described her marriage as a mess and married director Sam Mandes.

Kate, 46, is known for the Titanic movie, and her journey to a successful actress started by winning several awards, including a Grammy award, two Primetime Emmy Awards, an Academy Award, three BAFTA Awards, and five Golden Globe Awards. The England-born actress was a Commander of the Older of the British Empire (CBE) in 2012. 

Kate Winslet and husband Jim Threapleton became proud parents to daughter Mia in 2000
Kate Winslet and husband Jim Threapleton became proud parents to daughter Mia in 2000 ( Source : heart )

Likewise, she was one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2009 and 2021. Titanic was her highest-grossing film at the time. Being of Irish and Swedish ancestry, the actress is familiar with several cultures and languages.

Jim, 48, an English film director, is known as an assistant director on Hideous Kinky. His first film, Extraordinary Rendition, starred Andy Serkis, and Omar Berdouni. He married Julie Vuorinen, a school administrator, in 2008, and had two daughters, Oliva and Georgia. 

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Mia Honey Threapleton's Siblings: Name Revealed

Mia Honey Threapleton, the eldest daughter of Kate, has several siblings.

She has two step-siblings: Winslet's 17-year-old son Joe, who she had with her ex-husband Sam Mendes, and Bear Blaze, 7, who she had with her current husband Edward Abel Smith.

Threapleton has two step-sisters, Olivia & Georgia, from her father's side. They were born as children of Julie and Jim. Her mother, Kate, has other two children from Sam Mendes, Edward Abel Smith.

Mia Threapleton's siblings were enjoying with her mother, Kate.
Mia Threapleton's siblings were enjoying with her mother, Kate. ( Source : mycelebritywiki )

Some Interesting Facts About Mia Honey Threapleton

  • Mia appeared in several awards ceremonies with her parents when she was young.
  • She loves to cycle with her mother when she gets time.
  • Mia is fond of sports, including Tennis. She is a sports enthusiast.
  • Foodie Honey loves to explore different dishes
  • She has an Instagram account with 1.3k followers.