Micah Kalisch, age 20, was born in 2002. Micah is an actress and is starring in Scentsational Christmas.

Scentsational Christmas is about Ellie, who decides to return home and aid her father in conducting his candle-making business. However, she is uninformed that her father is hosting the charming writer Logan, whose been staying with him to develop ideas for his writing.

Micah starred movie directed by Robert Vaughn and astonishingly written by two good writers named Rickie Castaneda and Megan Hocking. In contrast, the protagonists are Nazneen Contractor, Mykee Selkin, and Sugith Varughese.

Kalisch appears as the waiter in this movie as she has a minor role, but she still has a long career ahead. Also, remember that she is only twenty years old and will soon be in grace for a much more significant role after watching her work in movies.

How Old Is Micah Kalisch? Her Age And Height

Micah Kalisch was born on June 26, 2002, and according to her date of birth, Micah turned twenty in June this year.

An actor, Kalisch, just passed her teenage, and her career is taking a trip in the right direction as she has been appearing in several movies throughout her career.

Micah Kalisch is  5 feet 7 inches tall and possesses beautiful curvy brunette hair, making her more than pretty. Nevertheless, she has gorgeous green eyes.

Micah Kalisch Begins Her Professional Career From A Very Young Age

Kalisch has appeared in numerous movies, theatrical drama, stage acting, and various short movies, and Christmas Chalet is one of the finest Christmas rom-com movies ever made. 

Micah Kalisch has already entertained audiences and has caught the directors' eyes since she was seven years old. She has expertise in numerous industry sectors, including voiceover, advertisements, theatrical, and movies.

An  amazing picture of Micah  Kalisch, an actor pulled from her Instagram account
An amazing picture of Micah Kalisch, an actor pulled from her Instagram account ( Source : instagram )

On set, Micah maintains herself professionally and ensures that she devotes her all to every character and role. She has trained extensively with a range of filmmakers, trainers, and actors, which helped her thrive and evolve daily.

The actor first appeared in a principal role in 'The Ransom of Emily Jane - Role of Ma Grigs' theatrical drama in 2014, when she was twelve years old. However, we could see her potential and talent.

The Talented actress started stepping up in a movie from a short film called Prelude, directed and written by Don Tran. Likewise, after two years, Micah began to contribute her role in the 2016 TV  movie "Sound Of Christmas" as she loves to act in Christmas movies, and her passion for acting grows every time.

Successfully, she has been featured in five other Christmas movies after her first performance in 2016. Nevertheless, she plays a waiter in her upcoming film  'Scentsational Christmas.'

At an advertisement shoot, Kalisch first experienced herself with the camera when she was seven years old and appeared in voice do-over at such a young age.

What are Micah Kalisch's Career Alongside Her Acting?

The chemistry between Micah Kalisch and her supporting actor Robin Dunne was amazing as viewers loved them on-screen and gave a grip to the movie 'Sound of Christmas.'

Micah Kalisch is also a lot of other things alongside her acting profession. She is only twenty, but it is shocking to see her engaging in other social Conundrums alongside investing her time in the movie industry.

Kalisch is an Executive Administrator at The Dandelion Initiative, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) at the Toronto District School Board, Student at the University of Toronto.

The actress cooperated with implementing an equity-based curriculum and actively participated in the communities as well as the President of TASAH and the developer of PEARS.

Micah Kalisch picture with her co-star Robin Dunne in the movie set while filming 'Sound Of Christmas'
Micah Kalisch picture with her co-star Robin Dunne in the movie set while filming 'Sound Of Christmas' ( Source : instagram )

In addition, she also has work experience in dealing with customers, administration, and education, as well as other fields with children, teenagers, and professionals.

Micah is interested in studying and researching addictions, psychiatric illness, and the politics of health, which can also be considered a social service.

Furthermore, Micah Kalisch volunteers with various Canadian casting agents to learn the ins and outs of the profession while directing a Youth Acting Course at a Toronto studio on the weekends.