Michael Mealor girlfriend Sasha Sarah is a certified Yoga Teacher. Sasha Sarah and Michael got engaged in November 2022.

Michael is a talented actor and model. As an actor, he is recognized for his role as Kyle Abbott on the CBS daytime soap opera "The Young and the Restless" (2018–present).

The actor formerly worked as a model for "Abercrombie & Fitch." Mealor relocated to Los Angeles from his native Atlanta, Georgia, to pursue an acting career.

Michael began appearing on "The Young and the Restless" in 2018 and left the show in 2021. As per a recent announcement, Mealor will resume his role as Kyle on a long-term deal starting in 2022.

Naturally, with his newfound success and job came a slew of admirers. And the young, attractive actor Michael's relationship status has always piqued people's interest. Despite not getting married until 2022, the Hollywood hottie has already found love and is engaged to his current partner, Sasha Sarah.

Michael Mealor Girlfriend Sasha Sarah

Michael Mealor girlfriend Sasha Sarah is a certified yoga teacher. Sasha Sarah and Michael engaged in November 2022.

Sarah is active on her Instagram handle under the username @sashasarahl, where she has around 3.1k fan followers but only remains somewhat active on the platform.

She doesn't post much on her Instagram, but based on most of her pictures, she appears to enjoy undertaking yoga-related activities. With such a flexible body, Sasha can be seen performing yoga tricks.

Michael's fiancé Sasha is a certified young teacher
Michael's fiancé Sasha is a certified young teacher ( Source : instagram )

In November, Sasha shared an Instagram post captioned, "I'm officially certifiable... I'M A YOGA TEACHER"

She enjoys going on beaches and taking in salty cusps of summer air under the sunshine. She likes having burritos by water. Even she has Instagram highlights under the name One and Two filled with pictures of loaded foods.

Unlike Michael, Sasha doesn't have a successful media career. However, she typically manages to avoid the media rather than hogging the limelight and splurging on the celebrity.

Michael Was Previously Dating Britt

Nevertheless, just because Michael is now engaged to his soul mate does not imply that he has never been in a relationship with another woman. Michael has been in relationships previously, even though they didn't work out.

To cut to the chase, the charming actor was seeing Britt Johnson, a woman he met while working as a SoulCycle instructor.

After numerous failed tries to win her over during the instruction lessons, the ex-couple finally made their first online connection through social media. The former pair openly shared lovely photos of themselves on Instagram after quickly transitioning into girlfriend and boyfriend roles.

Unfortunately, Michael and Britt's relationship didn't last long, and they parted ways in 2018. Additionally, Mealor removed the photos of his ex-girlfriend from his Instagram. Also, on Twitter, he unfollowed Britt.

Michael and Sasha are Engaged

"The Young and the Restless" star Michael has been engaged to his fiance Sasha in Nassau, New Providence.

While the actor has remained silent on the media, the future bride-to-be has released several photos and a video from Nassau, Bahamas, where the actor proposed on November 2. She penned, "I love you, Michael." Forever".

Mealor also professed his love for her in the comments on her photos "I cherish you more than you realize. "My universe is you, and it all starts right now!"

Sasha's response to her new fiance's sweet remark was, "Swoon." "Can't wait to be a Mealor." 

The second picture, which can be seen in Saha's Instagram collection, is a clip that appeared to be taken from a distance as part of the proposal.

Although Mealor doesn't make a low-knee approach, Sasha's excited jumping, hugging, and kissing indicate her enthusiastic "Yes."

Michael proposed Sasha on 1st of November 2022
Michael proposed Sasha on 1st of November 2022 ( Source : instagram )

While the remaining images in the Instagram post illustrate their lovely trip to the Bahamas, the first and last slideshows highlight the stunning ring she is wearing.

Her fingernails are lime green, and she shows off her stunning red ruby ring. Concerning those, the future Mrs. Mealor remarked to a well-wisher, "The man told me to get green nails for four years." "This is the one time I deliver on that!"

As one might anticipate, the following comments were full of congratulations for the couple, including ones from his old friend Josh Swickard.

There is currently no information about the wedding's potential date or location, but it will undoubtedly be a pleasant occasion.

Since practically everyone enjoys a beautiful wedding, "Y & R" followers are happy with these updates. Learning about on-set romances and celebrating these landmarks with our favorite soap opera actors is always entertaining.