Brian Miller is the surviving son of Michael Miller, who now might be residing in some part of the United States. Let's get to know more about him in this article.

Michael Miller is a Glendale, Arizona resident who made headlines after murdering his family. He was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, and on May 30, 2009, he called police to report that he killed his family.

Officers who arrived at the scene found Miller was honest about his crime and admitted his wife and 10-year-old daughter were dead. On the other hand, Brain Miller, son of Michael, was critically injured.

Reportedly, Michael had taken a knife to them; officers must encounter a bloody horror show. Furthermore, Court documents state he was bipolar and schizophrenic. Now, people are eager to know the current status of Brain Miller who survived the deadly murder.

Michael Miller Glendale AZ Kids: Where Is His Surviving Son Brian Miller Now? 

Glendale AZ Michael Miller's son Brian Miller now seems to be keeping his life away from the media sources. So, the current status is still unknown, but we can say that his residence might be in some part of the United States.

After surviving the fatal murder, Miller now might be doing fine in his life. Not much is known about his personal and professional life at the moment due to his low-key personality.

Since the incident happened in 2009, Miller has not appeared in public. So, it isn't easy to know about his ongoing lifestlye.

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Brian Miller Age: How Old Is He?

Back in 2009, Brian Miller was 4 years old. Considering the fact, we can say his current age is 17 years. He was a resident of Glendale. So, Miller holds an American nationality.

Talking about his family background, Miller was born to his parents, Michael Miller (father) and Adriana (mother). Miller grew up together with his sister, who was then ten years old.

As we know, his mother and sister already passed away after his father killed them. Furthermore, people are eager to understand why Michael killed his family. As per a source, he was bipolar and schizophrenic and thought both the "devil and God" made him do it. 

On the other hand, Michael admitted that he impaled his son the most because he loved him the most. 

Brian Miller Facebook Photos

We can find the Facebook accounts of Brian Miller, but there are no official records of Michael's son available. Due to this reason, it is more challenging to know the ongoing life of Brian Miller.

Moreover, we are trying to get more info about Miller and will develop more news in the future.

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