Michelle Mitchenor joins as new series regular in First Wives Club
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Michelle Mitchenor is pregnant as she flaunts her belly bump at the Soul Train Awards 2022. Michelle is FOX's former primetime action star.

Mitchenor showed her bulging belly as her pregnancy became undeniable. The Towson University graduate was born and raised in New Jersey and had aspirations for the performing arts.

After getting her degree, she got her big break after getting cast for Spike Lee’s musical-drama film Chi-Raq. Besides that, she worked as a professional dancer, collaborating with Rihanna, Beyoncé, ad even Pharrell Williams.

By August 2016, she had scored the role of Detective Sonya Bailey on the FOX drama television series Lethal Weapon, becoming an overnight sensation.

While filming continued, she part-timed as Crystal for two episodes of Tales, getting credited as co-writer for the Ex Factor episode in 2019.

Since then, the 34-year-old has devoted her time to the First Wives Club as Jayla Wright.

Michelle Mitchenor Is Pregnant With Husband Coley Speaks Baby

Michelle Mitchenor and her husband, Coley Speaks, are ready to experience parenthood again as Michelle is pregnant.

The First Wives Club actress announced her pregnancy with style with the Rihanna Halloween Costume 2022.

Being an advocate is synonymous with her name, as she created Call To Action to support reproductive rights. The profits would directly go for travel, food, lodging, and child care support for people suffering from the recent turn of laws.

In November, she finally gave some information regarding her pregnancy, posting some facts on her Instagram. She had already reached her third trimester with a due date set for January 2023.

Her baby is about to pop out any day, with prenatal pilates classes and punctual routine conversations with Lovingly Latched, doula services for women in their conception, pregnancy, and post-delivery journey. 

Indeed, it was best for their baby and her to keep her mental health consistent as she joined a virtual pregnant group, Mindful Mommas, to share her worries and concerns when things go wrong. 

Michelle Mitchenor showing her pregnent belly in November
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Besides, being pregnant has always been an opportunity to collaborate with well-meaning brands she got connected with, Bump Skirt. She pledged quality and durability, especially with their maternity skirts, and even hustled a coupon for her followers. 

Michelle Mitchenor Is Pregnant For The Third Time

It is not the first time for Michelle Mitchenor to carry another human as she had her first child in 2020, a baby girl, Noir

She had always watched her friends becoming mamas and wished the same when God answered her prayers during the pandemic. 

All was going well until the 32nd day when the Civil Movement broke out. She had her doula keep her calm as she never took her conditions for granted again. 

Michelle Mitchenor Got Engaged to Soon-To-Be Husband Coley Speaks In 2018

In 2018, Michelle Mitchenor and Coley Speak made things official when they got engaged.

Indeed, he has always found her professionalism attractive, admiring her dynamism as a woman and her heart of gold.

He realized she was the one when they went on a trip to Uganda for Mitchenor’s non-profit, The Mitchenor Foundation, for two weeks.

The proximity cemented their compatibility when they spent every waking moment together, falling in love with the stinky parts. 

On the other hand, Mitchener fell for his communication skills, taking him through every situation, no matter how bad.

Although their community gets known for being patriarchal, he allows her the space to grow and get empowered, blossoming into her best self.

Michelle Mitchenor, and actor Coley Mustafa Speaks, who starred in the Netflix series Seven Seconds, tied the knotSunday during an intimate courtyard ceremony in Los Angeles
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Speaks did everything to ensure his wife-to-be had no clue of his intentions, even aggregating her into creating an altercation before finally popping the questions.

In an interview with people, he dished out the dirty secret behind his planning, knowing it was time to propose during a private screening of her debut on the BET movie Tales: Trap Queens.

Although the Netflix series Seven Seconds actor has his share of demanding parts, it was one of the most nerve-wracking as he needed to convince a loved one. 

But the fake fight was convincing enough as she got thrown off guard before her big night. The argument got so severe that she refused to see his face.

Despite jeopardizing his love life, he continued to stay in character and brought a rose with a one-carat diamond.

By October, they had walked down the aisle in an intimate ceremony with 150 guests at the London West Hollywood Hotel.

Michelle Mitchenor from First Wives Club shows off Her Baby Bump on Soul Train Awards Red Carpet.

Michelle Mitchenor celebrated music at the Orleans Arena as the most prominent names in harmony came to rejoice together.

The show hosted by comedian and actor Deon Cole awarded singer and songwriter Muni Long with the Ashford and Simpson Songwriter’s Award presented by Mark Tallman and Michelle Mitchenor.

The night for Michelle began before the event commenced as the photographers were in awe of her choice of dresses. Her bold attire synced with a dark striped top ripped at the belly, enhancing her protruding stomach.

Her unborn child became the highlight of the night as she did not forget to put on her favorite pair of heels to pair it with the light-striped shirt.

Indeed, co-presenter and friend Mark Tallman was her plus-one at the event as he aided her off the blue carpet.

Michelle Mitchenor presented Songwriter of the Year award at Soul Train Awards 2022
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Michelle Mitchenor On Her Return to First Wives Club

Michelle Mitchenor has gotten officially inaugurated as a series regular opposite Ryan Michelle Bathe, Jill Scott, and Michelle Buteau in the second season of The First Wives Club.

The story has always been compelling for women of color as it tells the worries of three married women, Ari, Bree, and Hazel, finding solace in each other as their marriage falls apart. 

But the ladies are not to be taken lightly, as the sisterhood is thirsting for revenge for the injustice. According to the deadline, Mitchenor's character, Jayla Wright, enters the first season as a confident, first-rate attorney and an acquaintance of the ladies. 

She eventually becomes their formidable pillar when she gets hired to represent entrepreneur Maxine Hart in her high-profile divorce case, building a bond with the three women. She is highly empathetic and thrives for a worthy opponent to challenge her wins.