Miniminter is a British Youtuber and internet personality.
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Miniminter, a British internet personality, has a whopping net worth of over $10 million in 2022.

Miniminter, the British Youtuber & gamer, rose to fame after he collaborated with the famous internet personality group The Sidemen. The Sidemen is known for creating video gaming content in the UK.

The 29-year-old British Youtuber is known for posting vlogs, gaming videos, FIFA, football commentary, and funny videos. Within a very short period, he became one of the most followed internet personalities in the UK.

The British content creator hails from Hempstead, Herefordshire, UK. He launched his Youtube channel on February 14, 2008, and has now crossed 10 million subscribers on the platform.

Miniminter's Net Worth And Career Earnings

Miniminter's net worth is reportedly more than $10 million in 2022. The British Youtuber's earnings have risen exponentially in recent times.


With over 10 million subscribers on Youtube and 5.2 million followers on Instagram, the 29-year-old British internet personality attracts several brands and multinational companies for advertisements and marketing.

The 29-year-old Youtuber has amassed over 3 billion views on Youtube, which roughly generates him around $6 to $8 million. Besides, he is the co-owner of Sidemen Clothing merchandise.

As per reports, the 29-year-old owns Tesla Model X which costs him around $138k. He lives a lavishing life with his family in the UK currently.

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Does Internet Celebrity Miniminter Have A Girlfriend? Dating Life And Relationship Explored

Miniminter, the British internet celebrity, recently announced his engagement with his long-time girlfriend, Talia Mar. He announced it via Instagram on June 24, 2022.

Similarly, Mar, a 25-year-old British lady, is also a social media influencer and internet celebrity. In addition, she owns a Youtube channel where she posts cover songs, blogs, make-up videos, etc.

The 25-year-old is also active on the social media platform Instagram. Till now, she has amassed over 1 million followers on the platform, while making over 500 posts on the platform.

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Miniminter's Real Name And Wikipedia Bio

Miniminter is a British Youtuber and social media personality, who goes by his real name Simon Edward Minter.

Born on 7 September 1992, the British internet celebrity is 29 years of age in 2022. He owns several Youtube channels like Miniminter, MM7 Games, and The Sidemen.

Apart from being a Youtuber, he is also a Twitch streamer and streams several e-games on the platform. He is going to marry famous social media personality, Talia Mar, aka, Natalia Margaret Haddock.