Momo is a Female English VTuber who debute nad is independently produced and is not currently affiliated with any Twitch Teams.
Momo is a Female English VTuber who debute nad is independently produced and is not currently affiliated with any Twitch Teams.( Source : vtubie )

Momo is a Vtuber, who is currently not recognized by any Twitch channel. She is quite the talk of the town for not exposing her actual identity. More about her is discussed in the section below.

She is also active on Youtube as she has her own youtube channel under the name Momo, with 50.5k subscribers. 

Unlike others, she is not active on her Instagram handle, but she is very popular on Twitter as she is followed by 93.7k followers as of now. Her username over there is @MomoMischief.

Birthday 22th of September
NicknamesMomo Mischief
Character DesignerHerself

Vtuber Momo Face Reveal: What Is Her Real Name & Nationality?

Momo is a female English VTuber who made her debut on a date that is unclear. She has not revealed her actual name or where she is from as of now.

 But, she once tweeted on September 26, 2015, expressing how delighted she was and provided a photo of herself, which was her first time showing her face.

This is making her well-wishers really curious to learn who the girl might be and where she came from. Besides, she was created separately and is not presently a member of any Twitch Teams.


Although she is a mystery, the Vtuber is quite popular on social media platforms.

Along with many other vloggers, Momo is good friends with Strykur, Silvervale, ProjektMelody, IronMouse, Zentreya, and Bunny GIF.

Her mod, HEAVYfoot, BETRAYS SIEGE NIGHTS. The best boy is Octal (Trial Mod).

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Appearance Of Momo: How Does She Look Like?

Momo is a catgirl with emerald eyes, loose pigtails, and green hair. She frequently wears a black sweatshirt, a fishnet crop top, black shorts, white sneakers, and a black leather choker with her insignia on it.

She seemed stunning at the 2020 Vtuber Prom in a black outfit.

The Vtuber can be seen posing as many models, including a cupid, slime, a science team member, and an AI model.

Momo's followers on Discord go by the name Momo's Minions and can be found there.

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Who Is Vtuber Momo? Wikipedia

Even after being so popular on the social media platform, Momo does not have a Wikipedia bio as of now, although different other online sites have kept few details about her.

Also, in her personal life, the Vtuber is quite private and does not talk openly about her personal life.

Momo is a multi-genre streamer that frequently engages in video game play, drawing, roleplaying, and "simply chats" during her sessions.

On October 2, 2020, Momo reached 100,000 Twitch followers. She presently has 250k followers, and she's still adding.