Moosa Mostafa as Eugene Otinger on Wednesday
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Moosa Mostafa is 14 years old rising star in the making. Moosa was born in 2009 in England.

The child actor started his career with the movie Nativity Rocks! As student. His second acting credit as the lead role in The Last Bus.

Moosa Mostafa is a British actor who prominently rose to fame for playing Eugene Otinger on the television series Wednesday. He has also worked on the Netflix sci-fi adventure series The Last Bus.

Eugene is the quirky president of Nevermore Academy's beekeeping club. This is the most significant role of Mostafa after St. Bernadette's class in 2018's "Nativity Rocks!".

The Artists Partnership represents him in Hollywood. Though he has already appeared in a few projects, he has already gained quite a big fan following.

How Old is Moosa Mostafa?

Moosa Mostafa was born in 2009 and has three acting credits at the age of 14. Moosa is a British child actor.

Moosa belongs to the Rromani ethnicity.

Mostafa started his acting career at the age of nine. He landed a small role in Nativity Rocks, a movie based on a spectacular rock musical competition at St. Bernadette's Primary School.

Mostafa seems to be the youngest among Wednesday’s cast.

Another actor from Wednesday, Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley, who plays Wednesday’s brother, is 13 years old and was born in the same Moosa was born. They have a few months of an age gap.

The only co-star he seems to close in the show is Jenna Ortega as Wednesday; she is 20 years old. The two have six years of age gap.

Moosa Mostafa plays Eugene Otinger, a student at Nevermore Academy who is the president of the school's beekeeping club
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Further, another actress from Wednesday, Johnna Dias-Watson, is 23 years old.

One Twitter user penned, “Why is Eugene's actor (Moosa Mostafa) 13 years old!? Everyone else is 20+ then they threw in a 13 year old? Like he did great but what.” For the note, he has turned 14 now.

Moosa's parents may introduce themselves to the world shortly. As of now, his parents, including his family, have been cheering him behind the curtains. 

Facts On Moosa Mostafa

  1. Moosa Mostafa was born to his parents in 2009 in London, England.
  2. The actor stepped into the world of acting in 2018.
  3. Mostafa is a British actor, as his parents hold British nationality.
  4. Moosa has been represented by The Artists Partnership.
  5. Mostafa is on Instagram @moosa_mostafa_ with 140k followers and follows 107 other accounts.

Moosa Mostafa As Eugene Otinger In Netflix’s Show Wednesday

Moosa Mostafa plays Eugene Otinger in Netflix’s show Wednesday. He is a Nevermore Academy student known as the Beekeeping club president.

The actor has a socially awkward role with other students but not with the bees. The only friend he has is Wednesday; she met him while experimenting with extracurricular activities.

Wednesday finds her brother Pugsley’s connection with him. Nevermore is a school mainly for outcasts, but Moosa seems totally a normie.

Eugene becomes a valuable group member when he has Wednesday and Enid's back and includes them in the "Hive Code."

Eugene connects with bees using his ability to communicate with and nurture them. When they discover Marilyn Thornhill being the main protagonist, he saves Wednesday from her when she attacks Wednesday.

Mostafa made his Netflix debut earlier this year as the protagonist in The Last Bus series, which follows a group of brilliant students who set out to defend mankind from an army of cruel drones.

Fans Reactions On Eugene

Moosa grabbed viewers' hearts in Wednesday, but he isn't new to the big screen for that matter, Netflix.

One Instagram Commented “Eugene is one of my favorite characters from the series!! Gladddd they didn't kill you!! You're awesome! Can't wait for the next season if there will be one”

Another User posted a comment saying, “Love how sweet and endearing Eugene's characters was!! You did a great job.”

A Tweet dedicated to Musa Moostafa and his character as Eugene
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One Twitter user shares a Tweet of two whole paragraphs on how much he likes and appreciates Eugene's character in Wednesday.