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The most common jobs in America are those in the healthcare sector. Occupations such as registered nurses, physicians, and healthcare support roles consistently rank high in terms of employment.

In the United States, the landscape of employment is diverse, reflecting the complexity of its economy. The retail sector is a significant contributor to the economy, serving as a hub for consumer goods and services.

If you are searching for common jobs to try your hands on check out our following list:

1. Retail Salesperson

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Whether working in department stores, specialty shops, or electronic outlets, retail salespersons contribute significantly to the overall success of businesses by creating positive shopping experiences for customers. 

Retail salespersons must possess strong communication skills and a customer-focused attitude to ensure satisfaction and loyalty. Their duties include stocking shelves, arranging displays, and maintaining a clean and inviting shopping environment.

  • Median Pay: $30,750 per year and $14.79 per hour
  • Number of Jobs: 4,031,700

2. Customer Service Representative

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Customer service representative is one of the most common student jobs in America. Occupying a crucial role in diverse industries, these professionals serve as the frontline ambassadors of companies, interacting directly with customers to address inquiries, resolve issues, and enhance overall satisfaction.

Whether dealing with product inquiries, billing concerns, or navigating complex issues, CSRs navigate a dynamic landscape, requiring them to be well-versed in company policies, products, and services.

  • Median Pay: $37,780 per year and $18.16 per hour
  • Number of Jobs: 2,982,900

3. Software Developers

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Software developers play a crucial role in the ever-evolving landscape of employment in America. With the rapid pace of technological advancements, the job of a software developer remains dynamic and challenging, requiring individuals to stay abreast of emerging technologies and continually enhance their skills.

These professionals are responsible for designing, coding, testing, and maintaining software applications that power a wide range of industries, from finance and healthcare to entertainment and communication. It is among the most common careers in the United States.

  • Median Pay: $124,200 per year and $59.71 per hour
  • Number of Jobs: 1,795,300

4. General Office Clerk

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As common jobs in America, office clerks are found across industries, from corporate offices to government agencies and non-profit organizations. These professionals are responsible for performing a myriad of administrative tasks that contribute to the overall efficiency of the workplace.

From handling phone calls and managing emails to organizing files and processing paperwork, office clerks are the backbone of day-to-day operations, ensuring that information flows seamlessly within the organization.

  • Median Pay: $38,040 per year and $18.29 per hour
  • Number of Jobs: 2,668,200

5. Kindergarten and Elementary School Teacher

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Want to work with young learners and help them learn foundational skills? Elementary school teaching is among the most known common jobs for women. They create a nurturing environment that fosters curiosity and a love for learning, helping children transition from home to a structured educational setting.

These teachers often use creative and interactive teaching methods to engage young minds, incorporating games, songs, and hands-on activities to make learning enjoyable.

  • Median Pay: $61,620 per year
  • Number of Jobs: 1,548,400

6. Cashier

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Looking for common market jobs? You may find being a cashier easy if you know accounting. This common job in America requires individuals to handle financial transactions, providing a seamless and efficient point-of-sale experience for customers.

Beyond processing payments, cashiers often contribute to customer satisfaction by answering inquiries, addressing concerns, and maintaining a friendly demeanor.

  • Median Pay: $28,240 per year and $13.58 per hour
  • Number of Jobs: 3,345,800

7. Accountants and Auditors

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As one of the common jobs for men in America, accountants are responsible for managing and organizing financial records, ensuring compliance with tax regulations, and providing valuable insights to support decision-making.

In various industries, from small businesses to large corporations, accountants help maintain accurate financial records, track expenditures, and analyze financial data to help businesses make informed financial decisions.

  • Median Pay: $78,000 per year and $37.50 per hour
  • Number of Jobs: 1,538,400

8. Human Resources Specialist

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HRs are responsible for various aspects of human resource management, including recruiting, hiring, training, and employee relations. They serve as a bridge between employees and management, ensuring that the workplace is conducive to productivity and positive employee experiences.

In addition to recruitment and training, HR Specialists are essential in maintaining a healthy and harmonious work environment. They handle employee relations, addressing concerns, resolving conflicts, and promoting effective communication within the organization.

  • Median Pay: $64,240 per year and $30.88 per hour
  • Number of Jobs: 874,500

9. Waiters and Waitresses

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Often referred to as servers, these professionals are the face of hospitality in restaurants, cafes, and other dining establishments. Beyond taking orders and delivering food, their responsibilities encompass creating a positive dining experience for patrons.

In bustling cities and quaint towns alike, these individuals navigate the fast-paced environment of the food service industry with a blend of efficiency, friendliness, and attention to detail. From providing menu recommendations to ensuring timely service, waiters and waitresses contribute significantly to customer satisfaction.

  • Median Pay: $29,120 per year and $14.00 per hour
  • Number of Jobs: 2,194,100

10. Janitors and Building Cleaners

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Found in a diverse range of settings such as office buildings, schools, hospitals, and shopping malls, janitors are responsible for ensuring that these spaces remain hygienic and well-organized. Their duties typically include sweeping and mopping floors, emptying trash bins, cleaning restrooms, and dusting surfaces.

In addition to their routine cleaning tasks, janitors may also address specific maintenance issues, such as fixing minor plumbing problems or replacing light bulbs, contributing to the overall functionality and appearance of the facilities they serve.

  • Median Pay: $31,990 per year and $15.38 per hour
  • Number of Jobs: 2,382,900

11. Heavy and Tractor-trailer Truck Drivers

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With the vast expanse of the United States and the reliance on goods movement, heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers are in high demand, making this occupation one of the most common jobs in America. These professionals are responsible for transporting goods across long distances, ensuring that products reach their destinations in a timely and efficient manner.

The nature of their work often requires drivers to spend extended periods away from home, traversing highways and navigating diverse terrains to deliver goods to various regions.

  • Median Pay: $49,920 per year and $24.00 per hour
  • Number of Jobs: 2,192,300

12. Registered Nurse

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Registered Nurses (RNs) stand as integral healthcare professionals and one of the most common jobs in America. With a vital role in patient care, RNs play a key part in the healthcare system.

Their responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks, including administering medications, monitoring patient vital signs, and collaborating with other healthcare professionals to create and implement care plans.

  • Median Pay: $81,220 per year and $39.05 per hour
  • Number of Jobs: 3,172,500

13. Food Preparation Worker

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With a focus on tasks such as washing and peeling vegetables, cutting meat, and measuring ingredients, food preparation workers serve as the backbone of any well-functioning kitchen. It equires a combination of manual dexterity, attention to detail, and the ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment.

These professionals are the unsung heroes behind the scenes, working diligently to ensure that ingredients are properly cleaned, chopped, and organized for chefs to create delicious meals.

  • Median Pay: $29,790 per year and $14.32 per hour
  • Number of Jobs: 931,800

14. Police and Detectives

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Police officers are often the first responders to emergency situations, providing assistance in crises such as accidents, natural disasters, and criminal incidents. They conduct thorough investigations, gather evidence, and collaborate with other law enforcement agencies to ensure the successful resolution of cases.

With a commitment to protecting citizens and maintaining a visible presence in neighborhoods, police officers contribute significantly to the overall well-being and security of American communities.

  • Median Pay: $69,160 per year and $33.25 per hour
  • Number of Jobs: 808,700

15. Secretaries and Administrative Assistants

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In America, Secretaries and Administrative Assistants are found in diverse settings, from corporate offices and government agencies to educational institutions and healthcare facilities. Their responsibilities often extend beyond routine clerical tasks, involving the use of modern office technology.

Moreover, they often act as the primary point of contact between executives, clients, and other team members. Their ability to multitask efficiently and maintain a well-organized office environment is fundamental to the smooth functioning of businesses across various industries.

  • Median Pay: $44,080 per year and $21.19 per hour
  • Number of Jobs: 3,399,200

16. Construction Laborers and Helpers

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 From digging and leveling to transporting materials and operating machinery, construction laborers and helpers are the backbone of the construction industry. Their work is essential in laying the foundations for buildings, highways, bridges, and other vital structures that form the fabric of American society.

They work under the supervision of more experienced construction professionals, learning the ropes on the job while gaining practical skills in various construction techniques. The nature of their work requires physical endurance, adaptability, and a commitment to safety protocols.

  • Median Pay: $39,520 per year and $19.00 per hour
  • Number of Jobs: 1,624,800

17. Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics

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As automotive technology continues to advance, these professionals are responsible for diagnosing and repairing a wide range of mechanical issues in cars, trucks, and other vehicles. It is among the most common jobs for men.

They utilize sophisticated diagnostic equipment, tools, and technical manuals to identify problems with engines, transmissions, brakes, and other critical components. In addition to mechanical skills, technicians often need to stay abreast of evolving automotive technologies.

  • Median Pay: $46,970 per year and $22.58 per hour
  • Number of Jobs: 782,200

18. Painter

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Painters bring life to buildings, homes, and various structures through the application of color and design. Whether working in residential or commercial settings, painters are responsible for transforming surfaces, creating aesthetically pleasing environments, and enhancing the overall appeal of spaces.

This profession demands a keen eye for detail, a deep understanding of color theory, and the ability to work with various materials, making it an integral part of the construction and renovation industry.

  • Median Pay: $46,090 per year and $22.16 per hour
  • Number of Jobs: 372,400

19. Electrician

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In the construction sector, electricians are integral to the development of new structures. They are responsible for wiring buildings, installing lighting systems, and ensuring that electrical components meet safety standards.

Their expertise is essential for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of electrical infrastructure, ranging from power plants and industrial facilities to commercial buildings and homes. Their work is crucial for powering the nation's infrastructure and supporting economic growth.

  • Median Pay: $60,240 per year and $28.96 per hour
  • Number of Jobs: 762,600

20. Carpenter

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From framing houses to crafting intricate woodwork, carpenters contribute significantly to the built environment. Their expertise is essential in creating the framework and foundation of buildings, ensuring structural integrity and stability.

Carpenters may specialize in various areas, such as rough carpentry for framing and formwork or finish carpentry for detailed woodwork, cabinetry, and trim installations. The versatility of carpentry skills also allows professionals to work in diverse settings, from residential to commercial construction projects.

  • Median Pay: $51,390 per year and $24.71 per hour
  • Number of Jobs: 956,300