My Favorite Christmas Tree is all set to release on 20 November, 2022.
My Favorite Christmas Tree is all set to release on 20 November, 2022.( Source : instagram )

Great American Family's new movie, My Favorite Christmas Tree, has a cast that includes Emma Johnson and Giles Panton in lead roles. 

GAF, an American media company, is known for its spiritual, faith-based, and conservative family-oriented content. Generally, it invests in TV series and TV movies.

This time the company is coming up with My Favorite Christmas Tree, a romantic love story. The film was directed by Jason Bourque and written by Shannon Latimer.

The movie follows the story of Kyla, a genealogy researcher, who travels to the beautiful town of Conifer during Christmas, hoping to discover her ancestors. 

As Kyla moves forward, she finds a Christmas tree farm, whose owner seems stubborn to Kyla but is quite handsome. This is probably where the movie enters into a love angle and the story moves.

GAF's 'My Favorite Christmas Tree' Full Cast List

GAFs new TV movie, My Favorite Christmas Tree, has brought some recognizable as well as new faces like Emma Johnson and Giles Panton as its cast members.

According to the official IMDB page, the movie stars Emma Johnson, Giles Panton, Marnie Mahannah, and so on. Here's everything you need to know about them.

Emma Johnson As Kyla

Emma Johnson will play Kyla.
Emma Johnson will play Kyla. ( Source : instagram )

Emma portrays the role of Kyla, the lead character in the movie. Kyla is a genealogy researcher and the story of the movie revolves around her.

Johnson was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, and has appeared in numerous movies and TV series, including,  Secrets of Marine's Wife (2021), Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas (2020), and The Arrangement (2017).

Moreover, the Canadian star spares very little time on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. For further information, you can follow her on Instagram under the username @its.emma.johnson.

Giles Panton As Joel

Giles Panton will play Joel in the movie.
Giles Panton will play Joel in the movie. ( Source : instagram )

Giles Panton, 40, will play the opposite of Johnson, aka, Joel, in the movie. The 40-year-old Canadian actor is known for his television, film, stage, and voiceover.

Initially working in a wedding commercial, the Canadian actor has found immense success and even landed the role in the award-winning Amazon series, The Man In The High Castle.

Panton still has a lot to offer to fans and will certainly do much more projects in the coming future. You can explore a lot of his bio on his Instagram account.

Marnie Mahannah As Mandy

Marnie Mahannah will play Mandy in the film.
Marnie Mahannah will play Mandy in the film. ( Source : imdb )

Marnie Mahannah, a Canadian actress, is known for her work in  My Wife's Secret Life (2019), The Good Doctor (2017), and Killer Twin (2018), as per IMDB.

Marnie will play a vital role in the movie as Mandy, but her character is still hidden by the production team. Regarding her past performances, she will definitely win the hearts of the audience.

The actress's bio can also be found on Instagram under the username @marniemanhannah. She has garnered over 1k followers on the platform and has made 159 posts from her account.

Apart from these three, the other stars include:

  • Roark Critchlow as Hans
  • Jonathan Hawley Purvis as Ben
  • Harrison Coe as Steven
  • Tracy Hway as Alice
  • Ian Gregson as Airport passenger
  • Beth Fotheringham as Beverly
  • Laura Yenga as Therese

My Favorite Christmas Tree Release Date And Time

GAF's My Favorite Christmas Tree is set to release on 20 November 2022, in the United States. As per the production team, they have completed all the pre-productions tasks.

However, the movie will be released in Canada three days after its premiere in the United States, on 23 November 2022. At the moment, the cast members along with the production team are busy with promotion.

With the Christmas holidays coming up, the production team is hopeful that the movie will do good business in the North American region. Besides, the stars will also attract a huge audience.

As the release date is just a few days away, fans seem more excited, and we can see their enthusiasm on several social media platforms. Stay tuned for the latest news and updates.

Where You Can Watch My Favorite Christmas Tree

GAF's My Favorite Christmas Tree is a TV movie, and it's obvious that you will not find tickets for the movie. You can enjoy the show on your TV at home while sitting on a sofa with your family members holding a pack of popcorn and a coke.

For American audiences, Great American Family TV has bought the broadcasting rights for the movie. The American audience can watch the movie three days before the other North American audience.

Meanwhile, SCA TV will broadcast the movie in Canada. However, it is still unclear when and where Australian and European fans can watch the movie. We are yet to know whether the movie will be released on online streaming platforms or  not.