Mykee Selkin appearing on Emmys at Television Academy on September 12, 2022.
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Mykee Selkin is one of the casts of the upcoming movie Designing Christmas. The actor in his forties plays the character of Jack Hale in the forthcoming romantic holiday movie.

The holiday romance film Designing Christmas will be released in November, during the Christmas season. The film was written by Michael J. Murray and directed by Patt Mills.

The plot follows Stella, an interior designer, and Pablo, a contractor, played by Jessica Szohr and Marco Grazzini. To break the ice, Stella and Pablo have delighted homeowners and viewers for the last six years as co-hosts of House Sweet Home's renovation show, despite not being a genuine pair.

Jessica Szohr plays Stella Murphy, Marco Grazzini plays Pablo Belmonte, Mykee Selkin plays Jack Hale, Leighton Williams plays Gabe, Fiona Highet plays Sue Murphy, Nicole Power plays Zoe, and Hilary Farr plays Freddy.

Among these casts, information about Mykee will be explored below. Continue reading to find out more.

Some Quick Facts About Mykee Selkin

NameMykee Selkin
WifeDene Logan
HeightAround 6 feet

Mykee Selkin From Designing Christmas Age And Height

The cast of Designing Christmas Mykee Selkin is around 40-42 years of age and, as per pictures, has a height of about 6 feet.

As per LinkedIn, Selkin has been a professional actor since 2009. From 2017, Mykee worked for Wilhelmina as a fashion model. During his time there, he focused on his eating habits, exercising, skin care, styling, Hair care, and wellness.

Mykee has featured in various Ad campaigns and commercials
Source : instagram

Selkin is a fitness lover; his Instagram is filled with workout pictures, and he is very conscious about his health and fitness. Mykee was a member of his high school wrestling team until he fractured his left collarbone during practice.

The actor has appeared in advertisements for Gap, Hanes, BMW, GQ, and Men's Health. The majority of Mykee's film appearances occurred after the year 2000. His films include the Twenties, A Candlelit Christmas, and A Chance for Christmas.

Mykee Selkin's Wife And Children Can Be Seen On His Instagram

Mykee Selkin has one child with his wife, Dene Logan. His wife describes herself as a writer, facilitator, therapist, and coach. 

According to Selkin's posts, he loves his son very much and is never shy about clicking pictures with him. Dene and Selkin enjoy quality time with their son, who is also adorable.

Mykee With His Son And Former Wife Dené Logan separated but are co-parents to his child.
Source : instagram

Dene's perception has completely changed after the arrival of their son. In one post, Logan stated that she held off on becoming a parent for so long, but now she has found the happiness of being a mom.

Dene also has a podcast called cheaper than therapy; in the podcast, they talk about what they talk about in the therapy room, but everyone can hear it.

As per Logan's post, she mentions that she and Mykee have separated and are good friends currently. She said they were relieved to finally tell the truth and allow our relationship to transition into a friendship - that everything after that felt so much easier.

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Interesting Facts To Know About Mykee Selkin

Mykee Enjoying His Father Son Time
Source : instagram

  1. Selkin is active on Instagram. Mykee has uploaded over 400 posts and has 24k followers under the username @mykeeselkin.
  2. Mykee is vegan. According to his bio on Instagram, he has mentioned being a vegan.
  3. His latest commercial was with Audi, which was 23 seconds in total and focused on comfort.
  4. Mykee and his wife are raising their son together and are close friends after their separation.
  5. Selkin has also advertised for BMW; during that commercial, Selkin used to have long hair.
  6. The actor loves to travel during his free time; he has traveled to Japan and France.

Some FAQs

How Tall Is Mykee Selkin?

Mykee Selkin has a height of 6 feet.

Does Mykee Selkin Have A Children?

Mykee Selkin has one child with his wife, Dene Logan. His wife describes herself as a writer, facilitator, therapist, and coach.

How Old Is Mykee Selkin?

The cast of Designing Christmas Mykee Selkin is around 40-42 years of age