Mykelti Williamson settled with his wife Sondra Spriggs after his two unsuccessful marriages. Sondra also works as a fellow actress.

His first marriage lasted for two years, and his second marriage also lasted for the same years. From his second marriage, Mykelti became a father to his daughter.

Mykelti Williamson is a well-recognized face in the entertainment industry. Actor, Mykelti is known for his brilliant acting role in the films and TV shows such as 'Forrest Gump,' 'Con Air,' 'Ali,' 'Boomtown,' '24,' 'Justified,' 'The Final Destination,' 'The Purge: Election Year,' 'Lucky Number Slevin,' and more.

The son of certified accountant Elaine and Air Force Officer, Mykelti started performing in the theatre at nine. Before his stardom, he even danced as an optional member of 'The Lockers troupe on 'Soul Train.'  

Mykelti Williamson Finally Settled With Wife Sondra Spriggs

Mykelti Williamson is currently married to his third wife, Sondra Spriggs. Sondra is an actress and director by profession.

Mykelti and Sondra Spriggs exchanged marital vows promising to support each other at hard times. They got married on April 26, 1997, during the filming of the film Buffalo Soldiers.

Since then, they have been together, and they have a very strong love bond. The happily married couple are also the proud parents of two daughters, Maya Williamson and Nicole Williamson.

The 65-years actor has maintained his life matters low-key. He is a very secretive when there comes a topic regarding his family and children. He remains silent when asked about his family life. Williamson has not shared anything about his wife and kids' details on his social media platform as well.

Mykelti Williamson and third wife, Sondra Spriggs
Mykelti Williamson and third wife, Sondra Spriggs ( Source : fandango )

The husband-wife both support each other during their hard times, due to which they have a very strong relationship. They celebrated their 25th marriage anniversary on April 26, 2022.

When asked about the secret of their marriage, Mykelti said, 'You have to be a little bit lucky to meet the right person.'

Mykelti and Sondra are living a happy life right now without any kind of disturbances with their lovely kids.

Sondra likes to swim, play golf, fly airplanes, scuba dive, and take photos when she is out of her professional career. She loves to do photography and capture beautiful moments to make the memory.

Phoenix Williamson

Phoenix Williamson is the firstborn child of her parents, Mykelti Williamson and Cheryl Chisholm. She has two-step siblings, Nicole Williamson and Maya Williamson, from her dad's marriage with Sondra Spriggs. She is the eldest sister to them. She was born between the years 1983 and 1985.

Phoenix Williamson is into the profession of producer and actress. She will soon be landing on high-profile movies and series in the future. 

Nicole Williamson

Born as the first child to Mykelti Williamson and Sondra Spriggs, she has a younger sibling, Maya Williamson, and elder half-sister, Phoenix. 

Nicole Williamson is an actress as well as a fashion designer by profession. She designs women's clothing and lingerie. 

Mykelti Williamson photographed with Sondra Spriggs and their two daughters
Mykelti Williamson photographed with Sondra Spriggs and their two daughters ( Source : liverampup )

Maya Williamson

Maya Williamson is the youngest daughter of Mykelti Williamson and Sondra Spriggs She has two elder siblings, namely Nicole Williamson and Phoenix Williamson (half-sister). Maya is an accomplished jazz trumpet player who first played at Carnegie Hall with a college jazz band at the age of 14. 

Mykelti Williamson Was Previously Married To Olivia Brown And Cheryl Chisholm

Mykelti Williamson, before his marriage with Sondra Spriggs, was married to Olivia Brown and Cheryl Chisholm. Both of his marriages split via divorce. 

First Marriage With Olivia Brown

Mykelti married his first wife, Olivia Brown, on July 2, 1883. Olivia Brown is known for her cast as Trudy Joplin in the crime drama series Miami Vice.

Olivia Brown, 62, is a renowned actress who is famous for her appearance in movies and TV series, including '48 Hrs,' 'Streets of Fire,' 'Throw Momma from the Train,' 'All Tied Up,' 'Fast Lane,' 'Our Dream Christmas,' 'Moesha,' 'Beverly Hills, 90210,' 'CBS Schoolbreak Special,' and so on.

Mykelti Williamson and his first wife, Olivia Brown
Mykelti Williamson and his first wife, Olivia Brown ( Source : gettyimages )

Following the two years of their marriage life, Mykelti and Olivia divorced in the year 1985. The exact reason for their divorce is still a mystery, as they both did not speak regarding it. Their marriage produces no children.

Mykelti's ex-wife, Olivia, is now a married woman to her spouse, James Okonkwo, and they share two children. Mother of two kids, Olivia now spends time with her family, and she is also equally active in the entertainment industry. 

Second Marriage With Cheryl Chisholm

Cheryl Chisholm is the second wife of her ex-husband, Mykelti Williamson. The duo shared a kid, Phoenix.

Mykelti tied the knot with an actress, Cheryl Chisholm, after his separation from his first wife, Olivia Brown. They got married in the year 1989.

Not much is known about Cheryl's life after she split from Mykelti. It seems Cheryl is still active in her professional career as an actress, film director, and screenwriter, which is to be her main source of living.