Chanelle is a talented artist like her rapper father Nelly
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American rapper Nelly daughter Chanelle Haynes is an actress. Chanelle Haynes starred in the 2011 sitcom She's Still Not Our Sister.

The young lady is making her father proud on the big stage by giving a significant performance on the screen. She is the firstborn child of the musician.

Chanelle likes to keep herself discrete and away from media attention. Still, due to her profession and her father's popularity, she has a tough time being away from the limelight.

She is not available on social media, which is surprising for most of the fans as it is precisely the opposite behavior of the practice most star kids do these days.

Nelly Daughter Chanelle Haynes Is Also An Artist

Nelly daughter Chanelle Haynes starred in the 2011 sitcom She's Still Not Our Sister.

Haynes also appeared in the 2014 reality show Nellyville.

The rapper's firstborn is one of the few people for whom he can sacrifice everything. He is very close to the actress; we can observe their bond via internet activities.

Haynes Instagram is close to nonexistent as there is not much activity going on that profile. Since its creation, there hasn't been a single post on it but surprisingly has 29 followers.

From this, Chanelle seems like the kind of person who avoids the limelight and tends to stay away from the media attention to enjoy her personal life at peace.

She can only be seen occasionally on her father's Instagram, which happens on her birthday every year on February 28.

Rapper Nelly wished Chanelle happy birthday last year by posting a throwback image
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Most recently, Nelly wished his girl her special day via Instagram when he posted an old image of him carrying Chanelle on her lap. This happened in February 2021 when the singer wrote that he loves his kid to the moon and back.

The musician also wished his child a happy birthday in 2020 when he took to Instagram to share a lovely image and a caption. He penned that his love for Chanelle will always want him to protect her despite her being a strong grown woman.

Nelly took to Instagram to wish his child happy birthday in 2020
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Nelly also mentioned that his firstborn was indeed his sunshine who could light up his dark days and make him laugh never he felt low.

Chanelle Haynes Is 28 Years Old

Chanelle Haynes was born on February 28 1994 making her 28 years of age in 2022. Chanelle has three siblings younger than her.

The artist's birthday is no less than a festival for her father and family, as the celebration is always grand. Despite being a father to three more children, Nelly seems very close only to Chanelle as his other kids do not have much activity on the internet.

Rapper Nelly photographed with his four kids
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Undoubtedly, he loves them equally, but he hasn't posted about the rest like he does things for his oldest child.

Nelly introduced Chanelle and her younger brother Cornell III to the world in 2015 via a reality tv show Nellyville. This show discussed various aspects of the rapper's personal life, including his children, relationships, and family.

Besides these two, the talented singer has two more kids, Sydney and Lil' Shawn.