Nicole Linton has been identfied as the drunk driver who crashed her car near Los Angeles, killing 6 people. ( Source : Newstimes )

Nicole Linton, a 37-year-old woman, has been identified as the culprit in the killing of six innocent people in a vehicle crash near Los Angeles. What's her ethnicity? Let's explore more about her in this article.

As reported by the California Highway Patrol, the 37-year-old Linton was driving her Mercedes-Benz sedan, and she crashed her car into several vehicles in Windsor Hills, a neighborhood southeast of downtown L.A. 

The horrific incident took the lives of six innocent people, including a pregnant woman and her child. The accident's video is viral all over the web, and people are slamming Mrs. Linton for her vicious act.

Reportedly, Mrs. Linton was drunk, and she was driving her car at a speed of over 100 mph. She has been taken under custody, and the case is being forwarded to the L.A. County District Attorney's Office.

Nicole Linton Ethnicity - Is Nicole Lorraine Linton Filipino Asian?

Nicole Linton's ethnicity has been a talking point on social media after the 37-year-old crashed her car killing six innocent people. Is she Filipino Asian?

Nicole Linton is a registered Neuro ICU nurse.
Nicole Linton is a registered Neuro ICU nurse.( Source : Twitter )

As of now, the Police authority hasn't revealed the details of Mrs. Linton. The case is being forwarded to the L.A County District Attorney's Office. People are demanding strong action against her.

It has been reported that the 37-year-old Linton was trying to commit suicide after her breakup with her boyfriend. But, she ended up taking the lives of six innocent people. 

During the incident, Mrs. Linton suffered moderate injuries and has been hospitalized at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. She is accused of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence.

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Nicole Linton Net Worth- How Rich Is She?

Nicole Linton, the 37-year-old woman, who crashed her car near Los Angeles killing six people, reportedly has a net worth of more than $100k.

A nurse by a profession, Mrs. Linton was driving her Mercedes-Benz Sedan, a car worth over $33000 in the United States. It is one of the most luxurious cars in the United States.

Currently, a registered nurse in the United States receives an annual salary of $75k on average. Hence, it is clear that the 37-year-old has enough fortune. 

However, there are still lots of questions to be answered regarding the personal and professional life of Mrs. Linton. More details will be revealed as the case moves forward.

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Nicole Linton- Where Is She From?

Nicole Linton hails from Texas, United States.

The 37-year-old Linton has been working as a neuro ICU nurse at Houston Methodist Hospital and Care, Houston, Texas. She completed her graduation from the University of Texas Health Science Center.

In addition, the Texas-native nurse will be booked after she will be released from the hospital. More details to follow.