Actress Nikki Deloach and her husband Ryan Goodell resting after spending the entire day parenting. ( Source : Instagram )

Ryan Goodell, the husband of actress Nikki Deloach, is a member of the boyband Take 5.

But his wife is gathering all the buzz as she is a Hallmark favorite. The family-friendly channel caters to the ones with a pure heart who choose to share their holidays in the presence of PG-13 love stories and heartwarming stories.

They recently unveiled their 2022 lineup with 40 original movies and the clock streaming service starting from the day of Halloween.

In the long-awaited list, The Gift of Peace gets set to release with her co-star, Brennan Elliott, at the year's end. Deloach plays a struggling artist who had lost her connection with God after her ex tragically passed away, regardless of her parents.

But she found hope in her second Christmas without him as the male lead tried to fix her broken heart. Meanwhile, her real-life spouse is not too keen on his love for the spotlight, but we managed to dig up five astonishing facts about him.

Quick Facts:

NameRyan Goodell
SpouseNikki DeLoach (m. 2009)
SiblingsJeff Goodell, Courtney Goodell
Music groupTake 5

1. Ryan Goodell Is The Husband Of Actress Nikki DeLoach.

Actress Nikki DeLoach married her husband Ryan Goodell Former Take five member.

The couple had been together for a few months before they decided to take the final step and walk down the aisle on September 5th, 2009. 

Despite having very public lives, they decided to keep their endeavors low-key and only invited close friends and family to the ceremony.

Besides, DeLoach is not an unknown personality in showbiz as she was a child artist involved in pageantry and even received numerous state titles. 

Nikki Deloach with her husband Ryan Goodell and two kids dressed up as Star Wars character for Halloween.
Nikki Deloach with her husband Ryan Goodell and two kids dressed up as Star Wars character for Halloween. ( Source : legit )

Her blonde locks and slender body made her the perfect person to be the up-and-coming model. Her family quickly selected an agent for her and signed a contract with Georgia 4-H Performing Arts group Clovers & Company in pursuit of a wide variety of jobs available in the entertainment industry. 

But 90s kids know her as one of the most prominent faces of All-New Mickey Mouse Club, performing with the likes of future pop stars Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake.

Sadly, the venture lasted less than a year as she returned to her high school for her diploma before moving to Los Angeles to get a final shot at her dreams. 

Her connection to Timberlake came into play when his mom asked her to partake in the girl group Innosense. They did not face the nearly intended responses as she put her mind, body, and soul into her acting objectives. 

Later, she got a few hits with Sandra Bullock's thriller The Net, the series North Shore, and Windfall. But her breakthrough role came with the French comedy film Hollywood.

Currently, she divides her time with big screen projects and occasionally co-hosts the political youtube gang The Young Turks Livestream.

2. Ryan Goodell Almost Lost His Son Bennett.

Attorney Ryan Goodell is the father of two adorable children but almost lost his son, Bennett.

In a later interview with People's magazine, his wife, Nikki, opened up about their heart-shattering difficulties with her pregnancy the second time around. When she was five months, they found their child had multiple heart defects and would need surgery to lengthen his chances of survival. 

Initially, they had a healthy first trimester, with the doctors excitingly telling them about his well-made limbs. They even asked the technician to get a fetal echocardiogram when they noticed a change in her expression. 

Indeed, her husband told her not to panic when she rushed to call the doctor, but her mother's institution told her things were about to go wrong. 

After the medical professional arrived, they thoroughly checked and elaborated on his ventricular septal defect that required surgical alterations to move his coronary artery. 

The arteries were connected to the wrong valves, leading to impure blood circulating to his organs. 

Her faith and husband's anchor kept her stable as they bravely faced numerous jabs on the arms for tests. 

Ryan Goodell and his sons, William and Bennett, celebrating Father's Day.
Ryan Goodell and his sons, William and Bennett, celebrating Father's Day. ( Source : instagram )

They grew more scared as the due date came closer before she heard about Kelly Zajfen, a fellow mum who had the same experience as hers. She connected with the Children's Hospital Los Angeles as they pledged her optimum care.

By 2017, her baby arrived in the world but immediately got transported to the care of surgeon Vaughn Starnes who performed a medical miracle and saved her child. 

Although his scars and fragile body worried his parents, even when he sneezed, they never forgot to thank their lucky stars as their prayers got answered. 

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3. 42-year-old Ryan Goodell Was A Take 5 Member.

42-year-old Take Five member Ryan Goodell learned a few quirks and tricks about making his skin glow as he does not look a day over 35. 

The former pop star keeps his beginning in showbiz a secret, but we understand that his wife is from Waycross, Georgia. She grew up as the elder of three kids and spent her early year on a farm. 

Meanwhile, her future husband was busy getting his dreams achieved. 

Indeed, he and his mates, Tilky Jones, Stevie Sculthorpe, Tim Christofore, and brother, Jeff, formed a band. 

Ryan already had a background in piano and worked in numerous commercials and theaters alongside his brother. 

The boys took up the name Take 5, formed under the collaborative effort of Edel Music and Elektra Records. With prior experiences in the industry, the production was hopeful about its success, making Europe its target audience.

For four years, they traveled around the vast continents and even released their full-length album, which peaked at #26 on the Billboard charts. 

Sadly, they faced some contractual issues and decided to go their separate ways around the 2000s. 

Later, a former member came out with allegations of misconduct by Pearlman as other bands he managed agreed on his support. 

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4. Ryan Goodell Comes From A Family Of Five.

A lesser-known fact about Ryan Goodell is that his family has five members, with siblings Jeff Goodell and Courtney Goodell.

His sister kept her distance from fame and operated as an administrator.

The brothers were joined at the hip during their Take 5 days but separated after their careers ended. 

Indeed, they took the road not taken and returned to school, getting their degrees in their respective fields. Ryan got interested in entertainment law, with Jeff continuing their pursuits with a degree in entertainment and film production.

 Ryan Goodell's wife Nikki Deloach is a Warner Loughlin Technique certified instructor.
Ryan Goodell's wife Nikki Deloach is a Warner Loughlin Technique certified instructor. ( Source : warnerloughlin )

Jeff is a more recognizable personality from a pop culture point of view as he continued his directorial ventures after his singing career failed. His IMDb tells his working credits on TV, Ford v Ferrari and Secret in Their Eyes, and The Gray Man as the recent ones.

His early assignments include credits on Big Brother and the prestigious Grammy Awards.

Besides, he found love and married around 2009 and welcomed his first child, William Hudson Goodell, in 2013. 

Their pair opted to focus on their respective career before caring for another human but dished out their excitement about becoming first-time parents. 

Indeed, they found their love growing deeper and stronger as they knew they would love him.

5. Ryan Goodell Has A Net Worth Of 1 Million Dollars.

Ryan Goodell has been grateful for his days as an entertainment lawyer as he boasts a $1 million net worth. 

His LinkedIn states he is currently a partner at Morris Yorn Barnes Levine Entertainment Law Firm, a position he got in 2010. 

Ryan, after getting his BA in political science from the University of California, he began as a file clerk in Callahan, McCune & Willis in 2005. 

Members of Take 5, Ryan and Jeff Goodell, Tilky Jones, Stevie Sculthorpe, and Tim Christofore.
Members of Take 5, Ryan and Jeff Goodell, Tilky Jones, Stevie Sculthorpe, and Tim Christofore. ( Source : tuko )

He continued his job as a legal intern in ICM when he realized he needed more to sustain his career.

Indeed, he got a doctor of Law for the Loyola Law School and secured a job at Toberoff & Associates as a law clerk. 

His attention shifted from corporate jobs to entertainment as he joined hands with The Film Department in 2009. 

But he did not last for long as he jumped to William Morris Endeavor but only worked there for six months as a business affairs assistant. 

Some FAQs

Who is Nikki DeLoach married to?

DeLoach married Ryan Goodell, who was a member of the boy band Take 5, in September 2009.

Does Nikki DeLoach have kids?

In April 2013, DeLoach announced that she was pregnant. Their son William Hudson Goodell was born on October 22, 2013. Their second son, Bennett Christopher Goodell, was born on September 20, 2017.

Did Nikki DeLoach lose a child?

Nikki DeLoach was devastated to learn at five months pregnant that her unborn son, Bennett Christopher Goodell, had multiple heart defects and might not survive.