Nikoline is a treasure hunter working on Nantucket off the coast of Rhode Island
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Nikoline Bohr from Beyond Oak Island is a 32-year-old scientist and historian. Nikoline Bohr is one of the experts who appeared in a recent show episode.

The show is a spin-off of The Curse of Oak Island, a long-running multi-season reality television series that features a team of treasure hunters tackling the mystery of Oak Island.

Oak Island is a privately owned island off the shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, that is said to hold a legendary treasure.

The main show feature Marty and Rick Lagina, two brothers who have been enamored with the Oak Island mystery since they were children.

The Lagina brothers own the island alongside a company called the Michigan Group to find the treasures on the island alongside filming for the series.

The success of the main show led to the well-received spin-off, which features treasure hunting in other parts of the world alongside interviews with various treasure hunters, historians, and fellow treasure experts on treasure hunts in progress.

Nikoline Bohr On Beyond Oak Island

Nikoline Bohr appeared in Beyond Oak Island in its third season seventh episode. The episode initially aired on November 8, 2022.

Nicolina Beyond Oak Island treasure hunter is also a historian and a member of the Ring Finders network.

The spin-off features differently than the main show. It is hosted by Matty Blake, an associate of Marty and Rick Lagina, who the brothers task to go to various treasure sites to survey the land and find any knowledge from these sites.

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Matty is usually accompanied by a different treasure hunter or expert in each episode, and this particular one featured Nikoline.

She was picked because she is an expert treasure hunter and member of the Ring Finders, an association that helps find rings and other assorted metal and gold items lost by tourists and travelers.

As gold is her forte, she was invited along for the ride. She was a hit with the fans not only for her expert knowledge but also her pristine good looks, as many fans were taken aback by how pretty she was, and that too in a job that involved getting dirty and roughing it.

Nikoline onset with Matty Blake during her episode
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An expert in shallow water search, Nikoline was a significant leeway into the subject of the episode, which features Matty working with her and other gold panners in North Carolina as they work on essential excavations in search of gold.

Despite only appearing in one episode, fans have already made their desires known that they want her back in subsequent episodes and even the following season. A whole r/Oak Island subreddit thread on the r/Oak Island subreddit thread on the r/Oak Island subreddit that is wondering about her return.

Nikoline Is A 33 Year Old Treasure Finder

Nikoline is 33 years old as of the writing of this article and has amassed quite a following. Even before her appearance on the show she was making waves.

She first caught the public's eye when The New York Times wrote an article about her and others like her. They covered the new craze of ring finding and treasure hunting.

Nikoline was featured on The New York Times in an article about metal detecting
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The article featured Nikoline in a tremendous amount as it not only revealed her then age but also featured her as the featured image and took many quotes from the treasure finder herself.

With the New York Times feature and her appearance in the Oak Island spin-off, Nikoline has amassed over 18.7K followers on her Instagram.

An Overview Of Nikoline Career In TV And Beyond

Nikoline has only appeared on television once with the Oak Island spin-off as of the writing of this article. Outside of that, she works with the Ring Finders.

She has been a member of the organization since 2020 and works in the Nantucket area off the coast of Rhode Island. The treasure finder has helped countless people who have all written a testimonial on her excellent work on the Ring Finders website page.

Nikoline walking on the runway with her metal detector
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She also has her own website, which serves as a way for people to contact her and as a place where she can talk about the ethics of metal detecting.

Lastly, due to her good looks, she does modeling occasionally for her Instagram page and independent runways.