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Om tattoo has surged in popularity due to its deep spiritual significance and aesthetic appeal. Embraced worldwide, it represents inner peace, spirituality, and connection to the divine.

Its elegant, intricate design and versatility make it a sought-after choice for both intricate and minimalist tattoos. The symbol's timeless relevance transcends cultures and beliefs, appealing to individuals seeking a meaningful, personal expression.

Om Symbol Meaning

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The Om symbol, a sacred sound in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, embodies profound spiritual significance. The meaning of Om represents the essence of existence—the past, present, and future, as well as the divine energy that pervades the universe.

Its three Sanskrit letters (A-U-M) symbolize creation, preservation, and destruction, the cycles of life. Chanting Om is believed to align the mind, body, and spirit, fostering inner peace and connection to the cosmos. Its vibrations resonate through meditation, promoting mindfulness and unity with the universe.

1. Om Lotus Tattoo

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Planning on getting an Om sign tattoo? The om combined with the lotus is a perfect choice representing symbolic meaning. The lotus flower, revered in many cultures, symbolizes purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. In Hinduism, lotus is associated with the goddess Lakshmi.

The merge signifies the journey of the soul towards enlightenment, mirroring the lotus's growth from muddy waters to blossom above the surface, untouched by impurity. Its unfolding petals represent spiritual development and the awakening of consciousness.

2. Mandala Om Tattoo

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Mandala, a Sanskrit word for circle, represents the universe and its cosmic energies. These intricate geometric designs symbolize harmony, unity, and the journey towards self-realization. Combining these symbols, the tattoo represents the universe's interconnectedness

Mandalas, with their intricate patterns and concentric circles, depict the cosmos and the individual's journey towards wholeness. The Om within the Mandala signifies the omnipresence of the divine and the unification of the self with the universe.

3. Om Chakra Tattoo

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When combined, the Om with Chakras tattoo embodies the alignment and balance of these energy centers, each Chakra associated with specific qualities and aspects of life. The seven main Chakras—Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown—symbolize physical, emotional, and spiritual elements.

In this tattoo, the Om symbol might be positioned centrally or within a design that incorporates the Chakras along the spinal column, with each Chakra depicted through its unique symbol or color. It represents the flow and balance of energy throughout the body.

4. Om with Ganesh Tattoo

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In this tattoo design, the Om symbol might be integrated with an image or depiction of Lord Ganesh. Ganesh might be positioned within the curves or spaces of the Om, sitting on or beside it, or incorporated in a way that complements the Om symbol.

This Hindu tattoo signifies auspicious beginnings, wisdom, and the ability to overcome obstacles on the path to spiritual growth and enlightenment. Lord Ganesh's presence alongside the Om symbolizes the guidance and blessings required to navigate life's challenges.

5. Om with Hamsa Hand Tattoo

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Combining the Om symbol with the Hamsa Hand in a tattoo creates a powerful representation of spiritual protection, positivity, and divine guidance. The Hamsa Hand, a palm-shaped amulet, is believed to ward off negative energies and bring blessings, good fortune, and protection.

For the design, the Om symbol might be integrated with the Hamsa Hand, with the Om contained within the palm or positioned alongside the fingers of the Hamsa Hand. This tattoo represents the union of spiritual harmony and protection.

6. Sun Om Tattoo

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This tattoo represents a fusion of spiritual awakening and life's energy. The Om within the sun signifies the harmonious alignment of the self with the universe, emphasizing the connection between inner spirituality and the vibrant energy of life.

It symbolizes the journey towards enlightenment and the recognition of the divine presence in all aspects of existence. For the wearer, a Sun Om tattoo often signifies a celebration of life, inner radiance, and the pursuit of spiritual growth amidst life's dynamic and transformative energy.

7. Script Om Tattoo

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If you want to give your tattoo a different look along with more profound meaning then you can try adding the script to it. The script in the tattoo can be personalized to reflect individual preferences in font styles, sizes, and additional decorative elements.

The script Om tattoos serve as a visually striking representation of spiritual resonance, inner peace, and connection to the universal consciousness. It's a subtle yet profound way to carry the essence of spirituality, mindfulness, and the pursuit of enlightenment.

8. Om Snake Tattoo

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The snake often embodies transformation, rebirth, and healing due to its ability to shed its skin, renewing itself. In some cultures, it's associated with wisdom, protection, and a connection to the spiritual realm.

This om snake tattoo represents the intertwining of spiritual awakening and transformation. It signifies the journey towards enlightenment and the transformative power of embracing change and shedding the old to embrace the new.

9. Om with Buddha Tattoo

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Lord Buddha is the enlightened teacher in Buddhism. In this design, Buddha is depicted alongside, within, or holding the Om symbol. The combination showcases the harmony between spirituality and enlightenment, symbolizing the path towards inner peace and wisdom.

This Buddhist Om tattoo often embodies a profound connection to spirituality, enlightenment, and the pursuit of inner peace. It serves as a reminder of the teachings of Buddha—compassion, mindfulness, and the quest for enlightenment—blended with the universal resonance.

10. Om with Shiva Symbols Tattoo

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Based on Hinduism, Lord Shiva is a principal deity in Hinduism representing destruction, transformation, and regeneration. In this tattoo, the Om symbol is interwoven with iconic Shiva symbols like the trishula (trident), damaru (drum), third eye, or crescent moon.

It often represents reverence for the cosmic forces, the cyclical nature of existence, and the pursuit of spiritual transformation and enlightenment. It serves as a visual reminder of the balance between creation and destruction, encouraging the embrace of change.

11. Tribal Om Tattoo

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Want to add some indigenous cultures or ancient tribal patterns to your om tattoo? The Om is stylized or integrated within tribal patterns, geometric shapes, or intricate linework characteristic of tribal art. It might incorporate bold lines or repetitive patterns.

This tattoo signifies a blend of spiritual significance with cultural heritage and individual style. The Om symbol retains its essence as the universal sound and spiritual icon while being stylized with tribal motifs, adding a unique and visually striking dimension to the tattoo.

12. Om with Swastik Tattoo

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Uniting two ancient and sacred symbols, the Swastika, a symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, and other cultures, signifies auspiciousness, prosperity, and well-being. In this tattoo, the Om is positioned alongside the Swastika, showcasing harmony and spiritual alignment.

Despite the Swastika's unfortunate misappropriation, it traditionally embodies positive connotations of harmony and good fortune. Together, this tattoo signifies spiritual strength, auspiciousness, and the pursuit of inner balance and well-being amidst life's journey.

13. Peacock Feather with Om and Trishul Tattoo

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The combination of three different elements, this tattoo signifies the harmonious combination of spirituality, strength, and divine guidance. It represents beauty, spiritual awakening, and cosmic energy along with strength and transformative power.

The peacock feather represents beauty, grace, and spiritual awakening, symbolizing renewal and rejuvenation, while the Trishul embodies various aspects including destruction of negativity, transformation, and divine power, often associated with Lord Shiva.

14. Tree of Life with Om Tattoo

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The Tree of Life, found in various cultures and spiritual traditions, symbolizes interconnectedness, growth, wisdom, and the cycle of life. It represents the connection between all living things, the roots signifying grounding and ancestry and the trunk for strength.

When om is combined with the Tree of Life, it signifies spiritual harmony and the unity of all creation within the cosmic consciousness. It represents the harmony between spiritual awakening and the interconnectedness of all life.

15. Negative Dotwork Om Tattoo

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This design technique uses the absence of ink to form the Om symbol against a background of meticulously placed dots or patterns. The Om is outlined or composed with fewer dots compared to the densely filled negative space surrounding it.

Such a tattoo represents the interplay of opposites or the balance between emptiness and substance. It can symbolize the significance of emptiness or negative space in allowing the sacred Om symbol—representative of the universe's essence and spiritual connection.

16. Om Bracelet Tattoo

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One of the most stylish and symbolic designs depicts om as if it's wrapped around the wrist like a bracelet. It's a creative way to showcase the Om symbol in a continuous loop encircling the wrist, often adorned with intricate patterns or embellishments.

This design can incorporate various elements such as floral motifs, beads, or ornamental details to enhance its aesthetic appeal. The placement offers a personal and constant reminder of spiritual connectedness, balance, and the cyclical nature of existence, serving as a beautiful and meaningful adornment.

17. Abstract Om Tattoo

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Taking the sacred symbol and reinterpreting it with artistic freedom, the tattoo uses geometric shapes, fluid lines, and unconventional forms. This design deviates from the traditional representation of the Om symbol, allowing for creative expression and individual interpretation.

Abstract elements like swirls, splashes of color, or asymmetrical patterns are employed to depict the essence of Om in a non-literal, imaginative manner. The tattoo's uniqueness lies in its ability to evoke a sense of spirituality and inner harmony through unconventional and visually captivating artistry.

18. Om with Shiva Third Eye Tattoo

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The Om with Shiva's third eye tattoo combines two powerful symbols from Hinduism, merging the omnipresent sound of Om with the potent symbolism of Shiva's third eye. Shiva's third eye represents insight, the destruction of ignorance, and the ability to see beyond the obvious. 

This tattoo depicts the Om symbol with an intricately detailed third eye of Shiva placed within it, signifying spiritual awakening, inner vision, and transcendence. It embodies the union of cosmic consciousness (Om) with divine knowledge and perception (Shiva's third eye).

19. Butterfly with Om Tattoo

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Do you know the butterfly represents metamorphosis, growth, and change—emerging from a cocoon as a beautiful creature, symbolizing personal evolution and spiritual rebirth? Integrating the Om symbol within or near the butterfly design infuses it with deeper spiritual meaning.

It signifies a journey toward inner peace, harmony, and enlightenment. This tattoo symbolizes the beauty of transformation, spiritual growth, and the interconnectedness of life's cycles, combining the grace of the butterfly with the profound essence of Om.

20. Maha Mrityujaya Mantra with Om Tattoo

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If you want to give more in-depth meaning to your tattoo then try adding Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra with om symbol. The Mantra, a potent hymn in Hinduism, praises Lord Shiva, seeking healing and liberation from the cycle of life and death.

Pairing this mantra with the Om symbolizes profound spirituality and resilience. This tattoo embodies strength, protection, and the quest for inner peace amidst life's uncertainties. It's a visual reminder of the mantra's transformative power and encouraging one to embrace life.