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Paola Ramos has acquired an impressive response from the public domain for her work in journalism, where she also serves as a speaker for Lesbian Who Tech+ Allies at the current date. 

Paola Ramos is a famous American journalist who has been working as a correspondent for the Canadian-American magazine Vice and contributor to Telemundo and MSNBC at the current date. In particular, people admires her work on Latino issues in the following years. 

Further, she has worked as an expert in Latina and multiple other media, including Popsugar, Bustle, Los Angeles Blade, South Kern Sol, HIV Plus Magazine, and KCRW. In addition, she has served in the Obama administration, such as for President Barack Obama and Vice president Joe Biden, where she has also worked as the Deputy Director of Hispanic Media for the Hilary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign. 

Ramos has served as the communication strategist consultant at Latinx communication Strategist for more than five years since 2017. Moreover, she was the press secretary at New York City Council in 2017. 

Paola Ramos is the author of Finding Latinx
Paola Ramos is the author of Finding Latinx

Is Paola Ramos Have Partner? Relationship Explored

Paola Ramos often comes to people's attention due to her work in the journalism sector in the following years. Meanwhile, many people wonder if she has a partner at the current date. On the other hand, some people assume she has been in a romantic relationship in the following years. 

However, we have found zero clue regarding her romantic relationship on the web at the current date. Further, she has never mentioned her love life in the media. Following her social media activities: she is single and unmarried, and there are no suspicious clues to verify her romantic links. 

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Paola Ramos Latinx Gender & Pronouns Explained

Paola Ramos never hesitates to stand for the LGBTQ+ community as she usually supports the community on social platforms. Further, she is the speaker for Lesbians Who Tech+ Allies at the current date. Meanwhile, many people wonder about her gender. 

Paola Ramos on MSNBC
Paola Ramos on MSNBC

Following her Instagram profile: she uses pronouns like she and her to define herself. On the other hand, many people define her gender as queer at the current date. According to her interview with Hispanic Executive, she is a Latinx and queer, where she is the daughter of immigrants. She usually speaks for Latinx people and queer groups' health and safety.  

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How Old Is Paola Ramos? Age Explored

Paola Ramos has reached the age of 35 at the current date as she was born in 1987 in Miami, Florida, United States. She completed her graduation from Barnard College in political science and Government in 2009. 

Further, she accomplished her master's in Public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School in 2015. She started working as a scheduler at the White House Council on Environmental quality in 2010. Further, she has served as the special assistant to the second lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden,  for almost two years.