Patti Clare husband Ross Lynch are parents of two children. The couple has been married for years.

The actress became a household name after appearing in the iconic role of Mary Taylor in the longest-running British soap opera Coronation Street since 2008.

Clare starred in the series alongside a fantastic cast, including William Roache, Helen Worth, Maggie Fox, Barbara Knox, Sean Wilson, Michael Le Vell, Charlie de Melo, and many more.

The longest soap opera is still running even after fourteen years of its first release. Guinness World Records recognized the series as 'the world's longest-running television soap opera' in 2010.

Some of her acting credits include Strange But True, Young Dracula, Coronation Street, Torchwood, Casualty 1909, Doctors, and Coronation Street: A Knight's Tale. Clare has appeared in various stage plays too.

Patti Clare Husband Ross Lynch

Patti Clare and her husband, Ross Lynch, are parents of two children. Patti Claire is famed as a Coronation Street star.

The actress of the longest-running British soap drama, Clare, maintains a tough private life. As profound as her career look, the exact opposite is her married life.

So far, the details entailing her personal life, including her partner and married life, are challenging to comprehend, unlike her professional life, which is like an open book.

Patti is married to Ross Lynch for a long time.
Patti is married to Ross Lynch for a long time. ( Source : facebook )

It won't be a lie if we say the British actress is the kind of person who opts to keep her personal life solemnly a sworn secret. Surprisingly, even a snippet of details isn't approachable on the web.

Besides the fact that she is married to her lover, Ross Lynch, unfortunately, nothing significant surrounding her partner is currently approachable.

Coronation Street co-stars, Patti and Malcolm Hebden who plays Norris Cole in the series
Coronation Street co-stars, Patti and Malcolm Hebden who plays Norris Cole in the series ( Source : express )

Although her offscreen marital life remains a secret, and we know nothing about it, Clare's offscreen romance with Malcolm Hebden, who plays Norris Cole's role in the series, has made rounds on the web.

Get Some Insights Into Patti Family Life

Speaking of Patti's family life, the English actress was born as one of two children to her parents Jim and Pat in Manchester, England, UK.

The award-winning actress is 46 and was born on March 3, 1976. Unlike her married life, a little more is known about her parents. However, significant details of her family also remain concealed to date.

Clare's father is reportedly from Glasgow, whereas her mother hails from Drumcavan Cottage in Corofin. She had a maiden at her home whose name was Murphy. 

Patti and Ross share two children together
Patti and Ross share two children together ( Source : thesun )

Her maiden Murphy was the daughter of Michael Murphy, a West Clare railway gateman. Whereas the mother of her maiden Murphy was Mary Murphy, whose last name was Clohessy before the marriage.

Murphy's mother, Mary hailed from Miltown Malbay. The English actress's parents Jim and Pat were alive and residing in Tunbridge Wells as of 2013. That said, as of now, we aren't aware if they are still among us.

Clare and her brother Kent are the only children of her parents. Patti is the only daughter of Jim and Pat. Her mother Pat had a sister named Chrissie Ball (nee Murphy) from Hermitage.

Patti was born to her parents, Jim and Pat, in Manchester.
Patti was born to her parents, Jim and Pat, in Manchester. ( Source : thesun )

Pat's aunt or her mother's sister Chrissie isn't among us. All thanks to Noel Ball, who unveiled all the information above via The Clare Herald.

The English actress shares two children with her partner, Ross. Similarly, even a single phrase about her children is available.

Despite being under rigorous media scrutiny, she has become successful in concealing details of her personal life.