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Paul Gendron is an engineer from Conklin who got into the limelight as the father of Payton Gendron, who killed ten people and injured another three at a Tops supermarket. Meet the family of the buffalo mass shooter here.

Paul Grendon is an engineer hailing from Conklin. For your information, he is the father of Payton Gendron. If you have followed the recent shooting massacre of buffalo supermarket, then you are surely familiar with the name Payton, who is now famous as Jimboboiii.

Jimboboiii shot and killed ten people and injured another three at a Tops supermarket. All of this was live-streamed by him on his Twitch channel. So, the state of New York is currently charging him with multiple counts of murder. 

Besides, the shooting occurred when he drove for more than 3 hours. A report shows that Jimboboii got out of his car and shot four people in the parking lot, killing three and one is still in the hospital right now. So, people from worldwide are now eager to know about his family background, which we've mentioned below.

Who Is Paul Gendron From Conklin? Payton Gendron Father Is A Civil Engineer

Paul Gendron is an engineer by profession who hails from Conklin, New York. As per a source, Gendron work for the New York State Department of Transportation. Besides, he has a wife named Pamela Gendron (Jimboboiii's mother), who is also a civil engineer.

Both of them are associated with the New York State Department of Transportation. The Gendrons are reported to be honest family, and the news of Payton's killings had startled them to the core. Furthermore, Paul has four children, and Payton is the oldest of all.

It is said that the parents of Payton are now cooperating with authorities. So, further information will be provided by the police department soon as they are still investigating this case.

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A Look At Payton Gendron Family History

Payton Gendron comes from an honest family, as said by his neighbors. All of these family members are shocked by the news of Payton as he shot and killed ten people and injured another three at a Tops supermarket. The news has attracted the eyes of many people worldwide, and many big media outlets are covering the deadly shooting that happened in Buffalo.

Talking about Payton's family life, he is the oldest child of his parents, Paul and Pamela. He has three siblings, but their names have not been revealed at the time of this writing. Furthermore, their pictures can be found on the internet easily at the moment.

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Payton Gendron Shooting Charges Details

Payton Gendron has only been charged with one count of first-degree murder, and his court-appointed lawyer entered a not guilty plea. He was reportedly placed on suicide watch and is due back in court Thursday. 

The 18 years aged Gendron had the n-word scrawled on his rifle, targeted a store in a predominantly black area and shot 11 black people.