Paula Sladewski was a young and aspiring model whose burnt body was found in a dumping truck twelve years ago, and the police are still searching for the murderer.

Paula Sladewski, a 26-year-old model, died a terrible death after a night out in a Miami club. She aspired to be a model and was well-known for her beauty.

Paula's cold case sent shivers up the investigators' spines. They were certain that whoever was responsible for her death was enraged by her. Her journey as a self-sufficient woman began when she moved to California to pursue a nursing degree.

She was able to finance it by modeling. She first auditioned for Playboy magazine but was never accepted. Paula did, however, make an appearance in one of their videos.

Paula Sladewski Wikipedia Update: Dateline The Death Of A Golden Girl

Paula Sladewski, a Playboy model, does not have an official Wikipedia page. The golden girl was murdered on Jan 3, 2010, whose body got discovered inside a blazing dumpster in North Miami.

On the night of her death, Sladewski, who starred in the 2003 video "Playboy: The Ultimate Playmate Search", went to a Lady Gaga performance with boyfriend Kevin Klym.

Security camera footage shows Sladewski leaving the club at 7:20 a.m on January 1, 2010. Sladewski's body was discovered smoldering in a dumpster near a propane shop on NW 14 Avenue and 130 Street in North Miami.

Paula Sladewski Murder Story: What happened?

Paula Sladewski and her boyfriend, Kevin Klym, slept at a hotel in trendy South Beach to party at the city's various nightclubs, including Club Space.

Kevin tried to persuade Paula to go after a few hours of drinking and dancing, but she refused. Kevin was eventually tossed out of the club and returned to their hotel room in a cab. Paula left shortly after, got into a chat with a man, and then vanished.

When Kevin awoke to discover Paula was missing, he began searching for her, speaking with police, and even hiring a private investigator. Sladewski is seen exiting Club Space with a man behind her on a black-and-white security film obtained by CBS4.

The neighbor called the North Miami police after he saw a fire in the trash fourteen hours after Sladewski departed Club Space. They discovered Paula's heavily charred body. Her identity was confirmed by the dental records.

Paula Sladewski Family And Husband

Paula Sladewski had a boyfriend named Kevin Klym, and her family was devastated by the news of her murder. She had a sister named Kelly Farris in her family.

Sladewski's sister was horrified by the murder, and she flew to South Florida several times to raise awareness about the case and seek public assistance. 

Dressing up was a natural part of her personality, and one of Paula's biggest joys was looking nice. Her mother and sister recalled her fascination with glitz and glam since she was a small child.