People's Choice Awards will air on NBC Network on December 6 2022 at 9 pm local time
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Viewers can enjoy this year's Peoples Choice Awards via NBC at 1:45 am GMT. It will also be broadcasted on E!.

The nominations lineup for this year's People's Choice Awards looks interesting as it has the presence of some praiseworthy and famous stars like  Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, Elizabeth Olsen, Florence Pugh, and so on.

This will be the 48th edition of the award, hosted by Kenan Thompson at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California. The show will start at 9 pm local time and is expected to become more magnificent than in previous years.

As its name suggests, the winner of several categories in this award function is decided by the votes of the general people, and they are allowed to vote for their favorite artists via the official voting site and Twitter.

Nope, a film by comedian  Jordan Peele has accumulated the most nominations in the movie department. In contrast, the other top movies of 2022, Bullet Train, Top Gun: Maverick, and The Adam Project, have five nominations each.

Apart from movies, some noteworthy tv series like Abbott Elementary, Saturday Night Live, and Stranger Things, which viewers extremely loved, have also gained almost six nominations this year. 

What Time Does People's Choice Awards Come On NBC?

People's Choice Awards is going to be a spectacle for viewers on December 6, and it will premier precisely at 9 pm local time om NBC.

It will be available for the viewers on NBC and E! simultaneously, as both companies are the subdivision of media giant NBCUniversal. The award show has entertained viewers since 1975, and this edition of the show will be its 48th installment.

The award function announced its nominees on October 26, covering 40 categories belonging to movies, tv-series, music, etc. Viewers can vote for their favorite nominee via the official website, and the result will be announced along with several entertainment activities on December 6.

Kenan Thompson will host this year's People's Choice Awards and it will be telecasted at 1:45 am GMT
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Kenan Thompson, one of the most loved American actors, will host the award show for the second time. Last year, his hosting was loved by everyone, and the best part of it was his brilliant comic timing.

The 48th edition of the award function is also not an exception, as the host is equally pumped up from the previous year and believes that the show will be more fun and interesting to watch than past editions.

The function will be broadcasted on NBC and E! simultaneously, but this year, other streaming services like Hulu+ will be unable to show it on their platform because of their contracts and copyright issues.

How To Watch People's Choice Awards In UK, Australia and Canada?

People's Choice Awards can also be enjoyed in the UK, Australia, Canada, and other countries outside the USA, but it requires a good internet connection and a VPN.

Like previous years, the trend of not making it available outside the USA had not changed this year, but people have been enjoying the show effortlessly using various tricks and tips every year.

One of the most convenient ways of watching the award function outside the USA is to stream it through NBC.

Viewers outside of the USA can enjoy People's Choice Awards with the help of a VPN and good internet connection
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However, the streaming service is only made available inside the United states as they have imposed a geographical restriction that prevents users outside the USA from using it.

Despite this issue, we can easily access the stream with the help of an internet connection and VPN. Due to geographical restrictions, one can only access the streaming service with the help of the USA's IP address.

We can fool the website by pretending to be an IP address of the USA with the help of a trustworthy VPN.

Below are the steps one needs to follow to access the People's Choice Award streaming via NBC.

  1. Download and install a VPN service of your choice on the device that you would like to enjoy the award show.
  2. Create an id to access the VPN service and login into your account using the credentials that you just created.
  3. After that, subscribe to the suitable plan that fits your plan, and you are almost good to go.
  4.  Select the USA server to get a USA IP address. This may take a while to complete.
  5. Open the NBC app and sign in to your account; now, you will notice the geographical plan has been uplifted from your account.
  6. Go to the page which is streaming the function and enjoy it with your friend and family.