Pham Thi Hang
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The arrest of Pham Thi Hang has been a piece of the trending news in Vietnam. She has been previously caught red-handed with the possession of illegal drugs on June 2, 2022.

Pham Thi Hang is a famous gamer girl from Hanoi who has gained a massive following on social media. Her live stream is watched by thousands of people on the internet. Here is a small detail about the recent prosecution of the influencer.

Was Director Pham Thi Hang Arrested On Drug Charges Again?

Vietnamese Instagram star Pham Thi Hang was prosecuted for illegal drug charges trafficking charges by the police. The social media influencer was arrested by the Vietnam police for illegally buying and selling narcotics.

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Pham Thi Hang was previously arrested at 8:30 pm on June 2, 2022, in the Dinh Ngang - Cua Nam junction red-handed buying and selling illegal drugs. Police seized four synthetic drugs and 3.36g ketamine during the raid at Cua Nam Ward in Hoan Kiem District.

The Instagram star was alongside a 26-year-old man named Hoang Hai Nam while caught by the Hoan Kiem District police. 

Not to be confused with the previous arrest of the former director of Thanh Hoa Department of Education and Training, Pham Thi Hang. The two are different people, as the former director was arrested for violation of bidding regulations.

In the incident that occurred in July 2021, nine were accused of the violation, among which four were former officials of the Department of Education and Training of Thanh Hoa. 


Pham Thi Hang Wikipedia Biography

Pham Thi Hang does not have a Wikipedia biography. Nevertheless, here is some information about Instagram beauty Hang.

Pham Thi Hang was born in the early 1990s in Hanoi, Vietnam. She currently resides in Dong Da, Hanoi. She is a Vietnamese influencer with a massive following on social media, with her Instagram, @hang.dautay1204, having 210K followers.

Despite being caught by the police, Pham was active on social media and uploaded pictures regularly on her Instagram. However, the Investigation Police Department of Hoan Kiem District in Hanoi has decided to prosecute Phan Thi and Hoang Hai.

The 30-year-old is a gamer girl and live streams frequently on Twitch and Bigo Live. 


Pham Thi Hang Net Worth Explored

The exact net worth of the Vietnamese star Pham Thi Hang is not known. However, she is one of the famous influencers and models from the country. So it is safe to assume that the social media celebrity is worth more than $1 million.

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Moreover, Instagram beauty Hang surely earns a handsome amount of money from her endorsements and advertisements. She is one of the most followed stars on social media. 

She is also a renowned gamer girl who live streams regularly on Bigo Live. So it is safe to say that she has more than one source of earnings.

For now, the case she has been involved in is highly observed and followed by the people of Vietnam.