Jonah Hills shares about his mental health in his upcoming documentary Stutz.
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Jonah Hill's psychiatrist Phil Stutz has a net worth exceeding $1 million with his high-profile clients.

Phil Stutz is the subject of new Netflix's new documentary and it has become significant because one of his clients, Jonah Hill is directing it.

The film invites viewers to explore the psychiatrist's Tools for life in an attempt to get real, get better, and get personal.

Jonah opens up more about his mental health struggle in the trailer of his upcoming Netflix mental health documentary with his therapist. He showcases his relationship with his therapist, Phil, one of the foremost psychiatrists in the world.

Hill had previously revealed that he was taking a break from the spotlight to deal with his anxiety. Now, he is excited about his brand-new movie where he has admitted to being a "wildly insecure kid"

The director has documented the many sessions he had taken with his longtime friend and therapist Stutz in the deeply personal documentary. He talked about how his unorthodox methods have helped him improve his mental health.

How Rich Is Jonah Hill's Psychiatrist Phil Stutz?

Jonah Hills's therapist Phil Stutz probably enjoys a whopping net worth exceeding $1 million.

He is one of the world's leading psychiatrists and has worked with many renowned personalities.

Phil recently caught the limelight as one of his patients, American actor and director Jonah, introduced him to the world in the form of a personal and unconventional new documentary. He explains how his life has gotten better after working with him.

Jonah Hill's upcoming documentary
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"I'm just gonna acknowledge how odd this endeavor is, a patient making a documentary about his therapist," Jonah says at the start of the trailer of his new documentary "Stutz." He further stated that his life has gotten immeasurably better as a result of working with him.

The trailer has set a somber mood and has garnered positive responses from the viewers. Many individuals took to their social media to share how they are looking ahead to seeing Jonah and Phil in the documentary.

Phil Stutz Sources Of Income

One of the world's leading and accomplished psychiatrists, Phil Stutz, acquires most of his income as a therapist.

Moreover, he is a celebrated writer and is widely known as the creator of and the bestselling author of Coming Alive and The Tools. Phil's clients boast top writers, producers, CEOs, actors, directors, and other creatives.

He co-authored with Barry Michels for the bestselling book The Tooks. The popular book offers five tools to help an individual find creativity, willpower, and courage and encourages you to live life in forward motion.

These tools possess a result-oriented technique and practice that focuses on delivering participants/reader relief from persistent problems and issues and restoring control in their lives. 

The trailer of Stutz gives the first look at an unconventional therapist-patient relationship.
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With a career spanning over fifty years, Phil has helped people all over the world to improve their mental health. His clients include business leaders and world-class creatives. 

Who Is Phil Stutz?

Phil Stutz is a renowned psychiatrist and the co-author of the bestselling The Tools and Coming Alive. 

Stutz's work centers on dynamic, results-driven practices that aim to release your full potential. These easy techniques help in transforming everyday challenges from big to small into opportunities to bring about dramatic and bold changes in your life.

The author of the memoir "Shut Up and Dance," Jamie Rose, stated that Phil helped her to change her life drastically and she went to seek his help several years ago. His other client, Jonah Hill, made a documentary about how working with him helped him deal with his mental issues.

Phil Stutz and Barry Michels are the coauthor of Coming Alive and The Tools.
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According to his client's review, he is a friendly, brilliant, amazing, and down-to-earth doctor. He has guided many people get over through his tough times with her expertise, knowledge, experience, caring, and thoughtful personality.

Phil Studied At New York University

After graduating from the City College in New York, Phil went on to receive his medical degree (MD) from New York University. In his early career, he served as a prison psychiatrist on Rikers Island. He then worked in private practice in New York.

He then moved to sunny Los Angeles and has been practicing since 1982. Phil is considered one of the world's leading coaches and psychiatrists. Throughout his career, he has worked with some of Hollywood's most elite faces and executives.

The seventy-five years old therapist was very passionate and hard-working about psychiatry. In 1975, he studied at the Residency Hospital and served at the New York Medical School in 1972 as an intern.