Priyasasha Kumari age is 27 as she tackles the role of Samia Choudhry in Waterloo Road. Priyasasha is an actress based in London.

Priyasasha is an up-and-coming actress recently gaining some traction for her new role. Represented by BBA Management, the actress only has a few roles to her name.

Her first role of note was as Rose in the 2014 reimagining of the classic Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist. The role was a small one, and following it, she took a four-year break from acting, returning to play the role of Gitisha Varme in the television series Doctors, in 2018.

However, these roles were stepping stones as Priyasasha has recently fully debuted as an actress in her upcoming show. She has given her whole heart to the role of an actress of Indian descent, and she is slowly gaining a lot of fans for her portrayal of Samina Choudhry.

Priyasasha Kumari Age

Priyasasha Kumari is 27 years old and was born on June 14, 1995. Priyasasha was raised in Blakenhall and is currently based in London.

As she is an up-and-coming actress, there is not much information about her as she has yet to do many press runs. The actress barely has over 650 followers on her Twitter page.

However, her new role is sure to change that as she has already started on her path to fame. BBC One's Press Party recently interviewed her interviewed by BBC One's Press Party.

Priyashree taking over Grand Theatre's Instagram
Priyashree taking over Grand Theatre's Instagram ( Source : mobile )

In the interview, the actress talked about how she was in school. According to her, she was a loudmouth and a chatterbox while in school, and she wasn't as intelligent as the character she currently portrays. 

Speaking of Priyasasha's educational background, she studied at The Manchester Metropolitan University from 2013 to 2016. While affiliated with the college, she acted in the retelling mentioned above of Oliver twist. The actress graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Theatre and Performance. 

Before attending college, she had been a member of the Central Youth Theatre in Wolverton since age 15. After graduating, she returned there but in a professional capacity working as an Assistant Director in a freelance capacity.

Priyashree on the set of Waterloo Road
Priyashree on the set of Waterloo Road ( Source : mobile )

The actress has also helped with press runs for Leeds Grand Theatre by helping them with social media management. One instance was when she took over their Instagram and did a behind-the-scenes tour of the theatre during their showing of The Cat and the Canary. 

As a Central Youth Theatre affiliate, she was affiliated with the City of Wolverhampton College as one of their past Performing Arts students. The institution has quickly claimed success and even congratulated her on Twitter for her new role.

Priyasasha As Samia In Waterloo Road

Priyasasha plays Samina Choudhry in the 2023 revival of the British television series Waterloo Road. It is a drama set in the fictional Waterloo Road high school.

As a show with an ensemble cast, Samia is one of many colorful characters who live in a world of Waterloo high school. The showrunners made an added push to have more characters of color in the new revival, and Priyasasha is one of the many brought into the fold. 

Priyasasha's peers and mentors could not be more glad for her win as one past affiliate, Holly Parry, an artistic director for Central Youth Theatre, stated that she is absolutely thrilled for Priya, who "thoroughly deserves this breakthrough."

Priyashree with the Waterloo cast
Priyashree with the Waterloo cast ( Source : mobile )

As Samia, Priyasasha plays one of the pupils in the show who studies at the high school. She is introduced as one-half of the high school's golden couple with another character Preston Walters, who Noah Valentine portrays.

However, unknown to Samia, Preston is attracted to his fellow basketball player Kai Shariff.

Samia's arc starts once she realizes that her relationship with Preston is mainly based on looks rather than personality or mutual likes. The series follows her as she realizes her strengths, learns to love herself, and listens to her own needs rather than always trying to please others.

Facts On Priyasasha Kumari

Priyashree as Samia with her character's boyfriend Preston
Priyashree as Samia with her character's boyfriend Preston ( Source : mobile )

  1. Priyasasha is represented by BBA Team.
  2. The actress has a bachelor's degree in BA from Manchester Metropolitan University.
  3. Kumari is also an assistant director at Central Youth Theatre.
  4. Priyasasha has only acting credits in her IMDB profile.
  5. Priyasasha was born on June 14, 1995.