Ramsey High School in NJ has faced a tragic shooting recently that has caused the institution to declare a lockdown for time being.

Twitter is filled with tweets about the shooting incident at Ramsey High School in New Jersey. As people are concerned about the casualties, here is what we know regarding the condition of the school at the moment.

Ramsey High School NJ Shooting Update

Recently, news broke out that a school in NJ called, Ramsey High School faced a shooting that apparently injured people. However, there is very little information disseminated to the outer world regarding the incident. 

People on social media are talking about it different theories have started brewing about it. However, until and unless the school gives out the news to the media outlets on what the situation actually is, we will be left with assumptions and distress. 

Parents have been asked to pick up the student due to which the public got to know about the shooting. Police are present at the scene and are investigating with as much evidence as they have and are trying to control the chaos. 

The deaths and injuries are yet to be revealed because of privacy reasons. A shooting in a school involves children and the details on it should remain private as per the law. hence, we believe that the authorities are working out quietly without giving out much.

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Ramsey High School Active Shooter

There is news that the shooter is still present at the crime scene and is either hiding or is actively using his weapon. The fact that there is a lockdown declared in the school, the talks about the shooter being active started. 

However, just like other information, the investigators have chosen to keep this private as well. We believe that there are suspects identified already but due to privacy reasons for children below 18, they have been kept under the radar. 

Similarly, we will have to wait for authentic web outlets to come up with validated information before we come to any conclusion. 

Ramsey High School In New Jersey

Founded in 1909, Ramsey High School is a four-year, comprehensive community public high school for grades 9-12 in  Ramsey,  Bergen County, New Jersey, USA. It serves as the only high school in the Ramsey Public School District.