The German Rapper Luciano Never Forgets His Humble Roots
The German Rapper Luciano Never Forgets His Humble Roots( Source : highsnobiety )

Luciano is a rapper from Germany. His initial works were posted on the LocoSquad YouTube channel. However, his first mixtape arrived sometime later. Luciano is a well-known name in Germany, but his name is much less heard internationally.

German rapper Luciano always knew he wanted to be a successful rapper, but a lack of desire and weed slowed him down. Luciano states that when he was younger, he had no motivation and dumb thoughts due to the weed.

When he turned 18, he relocated to Schöneberg. That's when things became a lot more serious. "His street activities were more serious and paid him more money."

Luciano describes his style as a blend of street, sportswear, and a dash of high fashion. Skepta is the man behind his fashion. His enthusiasm and stage presence inspire him; the London MC is often an inspiration for the way Luciano dresses.

Some Quick Facts About Luciano

Name Luciano
Age 28
Birth Name Patrick
Active From2012

Who Are Rapper Luciano's Parents? Does He Have Siblings

Rapper Luciano's parents are from different ethnicities. He also has a sister who moved in with their mother after their parents split.

When Luciano was 12, his parents divorced, and he moved home with his father while his mother took his sister, separating what had formerly been close-knit siblings.

Young Luciano With His Mother
Young Luciano With His Mother ( Source : instagram )

When Luciano was 16, his father told him he needed to go out and get his apartment. He was 16 years old and had no idea how to find an apartment or apply for a job at the employment center.

Then one day, his father told him they had three months to go. He didn't believe him but when Luciano saw the boxes, he knew his father was serious.

One concert, Columbiahalle in Berlin, The concert was especially significant for him since it was the first time his sisters and mother had seen him play live. He was anxious, but he gave it his all on the show.

Does Rapper Luciano Have A Girlfriend?

Rapper Luciano seems to have a girlfriend, as per his Instagram. The rapper, who was very private about his love life, has now shared a glimpse of something, which may be his girlfriend.

Back in December 2021, Luciano posted a video on his Instagram. The video included him and a woman walking together holding hands towards a car. They both were similarly dressed and looked like they were going somewhere.

Susi Eden On Her Instagram
Susi Eden On Her Instagram ( Source : twitter )

After that post, many fans of Luciano commented on the video. Some were saying it was a perfect match, whereas others were claiming that the woman was there just for his money.

However, since that post, Luciano has not posted anything about her and has maintained confidentiality. One man on Twitter said that the rapper is currently dating a woman named Susi Eden.

Rapper Luciano's Age And Height -How Tall Is The Rapper

Rapper Luciano is currently 28 years old and has a height of around 5 feet 8 inches, judging from his pictures.

Like many rappers, Luciano has his body covered with tattoos. Unlike other rappers, he prefers to wear diamonds rather than gold.

Luciano Picture From One Of His Music Videos
Luciano Picture From One Of His Music Videos ( Source : youtube )

Luciano not only breathes and lives for his career, but he is also intelligent, laser-focused, and has a plan for himself and his neighborhood.

After rising to the peak of the German charts, Luciano has set his eyes on something bigger, Deutschrap's global dominance. 

Luciano has earned his way to the top and was raised in a difficult childhood, yet he managed to get his way out and have a successful career.