Regina Louise was adopted by her adopted mother, Jeanne Tylor at an age of 41 years old, after being separated from her birth mother when she was too young. 

Regina Louise is an American author, child advocate, and motivational speaker. 

As the award of the California Juvenile Court system, she is best known for successfully navigating through more than thirty foster home placements.

Louise Brock is the daughter of Tom Brock, the late singer, and songwriter. Brock put his daughter in foster care in the late 1970s so he could pursue his musical dreams.

Where Are Regina Louise Adopted Mother And Birth Mother Now?

Regina Louise is a woman who was left in foster care by her birth mother and father, who was later adopted by her adopted mother Jeanne Tylor. 

Regina, a Black girl, was abandoned by her parents and abused until she met Jeanne Kerr, a White children's shelter counselor, in 1975.

Regrettably, Jeanne and Regina have torn apart after their adoption request was turned down due to prejudices against transracial adoption.

Regina's true story is told in Lifetime's new film I Am Somebody's Child, which premieres on April 20.

As of now, there are not many details about Regina's birth mother, how she was, or where she could be. 

But her adopted mother Tylor took custody of Regina after a long time when Regina was almost 41 years old. 

Regina said that she was in dire need of a mother, and it doesn't matter at what age she gets her. 

Louise was a toddler when her biological mother abandoned her in the care of a woman who took in children in Austin, Texas. Louise was frequently mistreated.

She ended up in California's foster care system after being rejected by her parents.

Louise arrived at a children's shelter in the Bay area on the eve of her 13th birthday in 1975.

Regina Louise Age And Update In 2022

Regina Louise's age is now 56 years old as of now in 2022. 

She is now living her dream life of helping all the foster children in society and trying to make the world a better place. 

She now works as a foster care abolitionist and speaks and coaches organizations and individuals on trauma and personal development issues.

She currently resides in the Bay Area of San Francisco.

Following the release of Somebody's Someone in 2003, Louise was able to reconnect with Kerr, who was now married to a man named Taylor.

Someone Has Led This Child to Believe: A Case History of Love, her second memoir, was released on July 10, 2018.

Regina and Jeanne recently shared a touching video of them reminiscing about how they finally became a family on Lifetime.

As she told her story, Jeanne lovingly held her daughter's hand.

Regina Louise Father Details

Regina Louise's father is Tom James Brocker, also known as Tom Brock. 

He was an Austin, Texas-born American soul singer. In the 1970s, Brock worked on the 20th Century Records label with Barry White.

He wrote "A Case of Too Much Love Makin" for Gloria Scott's album What Am I Gonna Do? in 1974.

Are Regina Louise Adopted And Birth Mother Both Still Alive?

Yes, Regina Louise's adopted mother Tylor is still alive and is living with her daughter Regina. 

But as of now, there are not many details about Regina's birth mother, as he has never been in the sight of the media or the public.