Rob Endres's wife Patrice was from Georgia who went missing from her salon in April 2004.
Rob Endres's wife Patrice was from Georgia who went missing from her salon in April 2004.( Source : twitter )

The "Unsolved Mysteries" on Netflix left us with more questions than solutions, which served its goal. The stories were horrifying, dark, and unsettling.

But one of the most crucial elements of how each mystery was revealed is the human viewpoint, the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of the people who were closest to the case. Patrice's husband, Rob Endres, was one of those individuals whose words and deeds made us want to know more about them.

Quick Facts on Rob Endres

Full NameRob Endres
Age (2022)76 years old
Marital Statussingle
Wife/SpousePatrice Endres (d. 2004)
EducationDegree in Criminology

Unsolved Mysteries: Rob Endres's New Wife: Did He Remarry?

So far, there is no any news of Rob Endres having a new wife. Instead, he is still quite active in finding the assassin of his ex-Georgian wife, Patrice Endres.

Patrice Endres, Robert Endres' former wife, vanished from her salon in Forsyth Country 18 years ago. According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the investigation into her abduction and demise is still ongoing.

Rob met Patrice when he was 50 years old. Despite their age difference of roughly 20 years, they fell in love with one another and resolved not to let go. According to her friends, Patrice thought that Rob was the man she was meant to spend the rest of her life with, so they married.

Robert Endres was 50-years-old when he first met his wife Patrice.
Robert Endres was 50-years-old when he first met his wife Patrice. ( Source : cdn )

They had several happy years together, during which he even assisted her in starting the salon where she was last seen.

Her kid, Postol, wasn't a favorite of Rob's. They were both hateful toward one another since he was certain that Pistol would go nowhere in life, which led to tension in their home, especially when Pistol and Patrice were so close.

Moreover, Rob's actions during the past year, it is said, are to blame for her ever bringing up divorce. Although he openly confesses that he was and still is extremely protective of her and all of her possessions, he denies hearing or knowing about it.

According to friends and family members, Rob was and still is a suspect in her sudden disappearance and eventual demise because their marriage was on a downward spiral.

He was a second-shift supervisor at a company in Conyers, Georgia, and had stopped for gas 45 minutes away in Woodstock, but when she was last seen, he was at home and then on his way to work.

Detectives acknowledge that this does make the entire scenario unlikely but not impossible. Additionally, it doesn't get rid of the idea of hired killers.

Rob Endres Age And Wikipedia: Where is he Now? 

Rob Endres was 20 years older than his former wife, Patrice Endres. Patrice, the victim, was 38 years old when she mysteriously disappeared from her salon, Tamber's Trim-N-Tan, situated at 6195 Matt Highway in Cummings.

In that case, Rob would be roughly 76 years old now. Rob, who has a degree in criminology, knows a thing or two about killers and their reasons, so he strives to increase awareness to unearth the truth.

When Patrice's remains were discovered in 2005, Rob made sure to spend some time with her to say goodbye. She was cremated and kept her ashes after that. He still keeps her ashes in his possession for safekeeping.

Patrice Endres with her son Pistol
Patrice Endres with her son Pistol ( Source : i2-prod )

When Rob retired, Patrica and he had previously agreed to leave Florida so he could start and run a bed and breakfast there. But despite being retired and in his mid-70s after everything that transpired, Rob still resides in Georgia and not Douglasville.

Even though it has been 18 years, he constantly thinks of Patricia and makes a lot of effort to find her perpetrator.

How Much Is Rob Endres Net Worth?

Unfortunately, the insight regarding Rob Endres' net worth and earning details are unclear. Rob had already earned a degree in criminology when his ex-wife vanished. Without a doubt, he had many jobs to support himself. However, his present income source is unclear owing to a lack of information.

His former partner Endres, on the other hand, had her hair business in Cummings, Georgia, before she vanished. It was on a busy route, and it is believed that she used to make a fair living from it.

Some FAQs

Does Rob Endres have new wife?

So far Rob Endres didn't remarry following his former Georgian wife, Patrice Endres demise who vanished surprisingly from her salon in Forsyth Country 18 years ago.

How old is Rob Endres's age?

As of 2022, Rob Endres has reached at the age of 76. She was 20 years old than his former partner Patrice.

How much is Rob Endres's net worth?

Due to lack of verified data, Rob Endres's actual net worth and earnings are not clear so far.