Robert Bathurst children are Matilda Bathurst, Clemency Bathurst, Oriel Bathurst, and Honor Bathurst. Robert is a father of four daughters.

Robert is an English actor known for his role in cold feet, Toast of London, Downton Abbey, and more. He was born and raised on The Gold Coast.

The actor is the son of Philip Charles Bathurst and Gillian Bathurst. His father worked as a management consultant in West Africa; his mother is a physiotherapist.

Bathurst attended an Irish boarding school and completed his law studies at Pembroke College. After his graduation, he started to work as a full-time actor.

Along with being an actor, he has also written three books in his career. He has also been part of different radio shows.

His notable projects include The Larkins, Doctor Who, The Fall, The Mezzotint, Gap Year, Dave Allen At Peace, and many more.

The Eldest Daughter Matilda Bathurst

Matilda Charlotte Mora Bathurst is the eldest daughter of Robert and his wife. Matilda was born on August 14, 1989, and is 33 years old.

She has been out of the media eye and has never appeared publicly. She is a private kind of person.

As the eldest child of the family, she has always been mature. However, we still know what she does and where she lives.

The childhood picture of Robert's daughter
The childhood picture of Robert's daughter ( Source : facebook )

She likes to live a peaceful life without media interference. She is a married woman. However, the details regarding her husband are still unknown.

The elder ones share a close bond with their junior. She has always been one of her sisters' greatest supporters and cheering. Unfortunately, she likes to live a life far from any media attention.

Charlotte is also unavailable on any social media pages.

Clemency Bathurst Works As An Assistant Ranger

Clemency Bathurst is the second child born on July 3, 1991, and is 31 years old. She is an Assistant Ranger at Chiltern Ranger.

In 2009, she joined Falmouth Univeristy and completed her Art Studies and General degree. She then enrolled at The Glasgow School of Art, graduating in 2013. 

She decided to join Royal Drawing School because she loves arts and painting. She has also attended the University of Guelph and Oxford Brookes University.

After graduating, she worked as a TYribe Leader at The Bushcraft Company Ltd for about three months and joined  Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust for an internship.

Clemency on her graduation day on June 2019 from Oxford Brookes University
Clemency on her graduation day on June 2019 from Oxford Brookes University ( Source : facebook )

Clemency's role was to serve as an Environmental Education trainee. After 7 months of her internship, she decided to take part-time jobs.

She then joined Tiddly Pommes Ltd as an Appel Juice Manufacturer. After a year, she received a full-time job as a Grower at Coleshill Organics.

She then started to work as Ranger at Chiltern Rangers, and after three months, she was promoted to Assistant ranger.

Her LinkedIn mentions different certifications and licenses that she received, including Paediatric First Aid, Woodchippers, brush cutters, and Outdoor Learning Practioner.

Bathurst loves painting and shared much of her work on her pictures on her Facebook account.

Oriel Bathurst Is A Theater Actress

Oriel Bathurst was born on January 5, 1994, and is 29. She is a trained theater artist.

The actress is 5 feet 5 inches tall and is of White/European Descent. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Oriel has worked as an Assistant Director, and personal assistant to the talent on the Marvel features Black Widow and Eternal.

After leaving film work to pursue acting, she has attended workshops with JAM, GoHub, Monobox, Salon Collective, and Lonesome Workshops.

Oriel did a photoshoot with Yellowbelly on August 2022
Oriel did a photoshoot with Yellowbelly on August 2022 ( Source : instagram )

Oriel received training with the Actors Class - completing Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced courses, completing a semester at Home Studio, and two terms at Identity School of Acting.

Currently, she is training with The Collective (run by Paul Harvard) in the first cohort for their part-time drama school. Her most recent work includes the voiceover for Kingdon of Blood in Findway Vocies.

The actress started her career in Ensemble Theater with S'WARM National Youth Theatre in 2011. Since then, she has been part of Sheherezade Theater, Rosie Theater, Poet Flim, Emily Flim, and more.

Oriel is also fond of Horse Riding and loves to play tennis. She likes to maintain her health and follows yoga in the morning.

Bathurst is on Instagram and Facebook. She is active on her social media account and frequently makes posts and updates.

Honor Bathurst Is The Youngest Among Her Four Siblings

Honor Bathurst is 25 years old and was born on October 10, 1997. She is the youngest child of her parents.

Honor loves painting and has been fond of painting since a young age. She got inspired by art from her elder sister.

She has a unique way of painting. Her rough way of sketching makes her unique from other painters.

Honor shared her portrait image on her social account on February 2019
Honor shared her portrait image on her social account on February 2019 ( Source : facebook )

According to her Instagram account, she is a student at the Royal Drawing School. She attended the same school her sister did to enhance her skill.

Her school also selected one of her paintings as the Drawing of the Year 2023. 

She loves 3D paintings too and has her own Instagram page as @pigletment.  She loves to costume crunch and blanketing bodies in her drawings.

Her different way of presenting her skill and hard work will lead her to be one of the most successful artists in her school.

Honor is active on Facebook. She not only shares her artwork on her account but also shares her picture and beautiful moment.

Victoria Threlfall Is The Wife Of Robert And Mother Of His Daughters

Robert Bathurst wife Victoria Threlfall is an artist and painter. The couple got married in 1985.

Along with being an artist, she is also the space owner of Brixton gallery, Samuel Plamer specialist, and curate walk guide.

Victoria read English and History of Art at St Andrew's University before taking a BA in Fine Art at Camberwell School of Art.

She has worked as a professional painter ever since. She makes abstract and figurative works whose defining features are color and light. She is also a commissioned portrait painter.

Victoria is a commissioned portrait painter
Victoria is a commissioned portrait painter ( Source : contexttravel )

The painter teaches drawing and painting in schools and at her studio in Sussex and conducts curated walks for groups interested in the 19th-century visionary painter Samuel Palmer.

Threlfall aims to make paintings that ask people to slow down, that point to mystery, and allow for contemplation. Her titles might provide pointers, but they are also ambiguous.

Victoria is interested in that moment of looking when shapes cease to shape and begin to attribute meaning to them. She enjoys playing with that idea of recognition while adhering to an abstract language that is not descriptive.

The Circle paintings are an ongoing part of her practice. It provides a template for exploring mood and infinite possibilities of improvisation.

According to her Instagram profile, she defines herself as a British Contemporary Painter. She also has a website where she makes the sale of her art.

Robert Family Moved Back And Forth During His Childhood

When Robert Bathurst was a child, his family moved to Ballybarck in 1959. His family belongs of White European Descent.

After 7 years, they moved back to England and started to live there. His parents are Gillian Bathurst and Philip Bathurst.

His father was a descendant of politician Charle Bathurst and kinsman Earls Bathurst. He is not the single child of his parents. He has two siblings, Nicholas and Charlotte.

Robert first became interested in acting when his family saw a pantomime at the Gaiety Theater in Dublin, and he watched actors waiting for their cues in the wings.

He was the first in his family to join the entertainment industry. However, his parents supported him in his decision and guided him.

Because his parents moved back and forth, he had a wonderful childhood moving here and there with his siblings. However, there is not much information revealed about his siblings.

Robert's family resides in different places in the United Kingdom. They do a family gathering once a year so that they can remain close to each other.