Robert Beckowtiz was murdered in July 1982 by his best friend, James Edward Glover. This case shook everyone and took a big turn as no one imagined what had happened to him. More about the case is discussed in the section below.

While watching The Benny Hill Show with his fiance Jeannine Clark in July 1982, Robert Beckowitz's friend James Edward Glover came up behind him.

He started shooting him behind the head with a 45-caliber bullet and then attempted to stab him 83 times.

Glover's decision to perpetrate the crime might have been influenced by the knowledge that James and Jeannine had been having an illicit relationship.


The closest friend of Robert Beckowitz, Edward Glover, assassinated him in July 1982. Glover first shot Robert behind the head with a handgun before stabbing him.

Edward Glover and Jeannine Clark were in a secret liaison because Jeannine Clark was Robert Beckowitz's girlfriend. Clark was also a victim of Robert Beckowitz's murder.

The following three days were spent by Clark and Glover, who were at the time involved in an affair, dissecting Beckowitz's worthless body as part of an illicit sex ritual.

Even worse, they took pictures of themselves hacksawing him to pieces and posing his body in various disgusting and degrading positions, some of which showed them in their underwear.

Although the photographs have been made public and are online, they are way too explicit. Robert appears in a single image with his body dismembered, his foot's amputated toe in his mouth, and his head severed.

There were no visible heads, arms, or legs on Beckowitz. He was then cut up into 14 pieces and scattered across the apartment in plastic bags.

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Where Are Jeannine Clark and James Glover Now?

James Glover and Jeannine Clark received prison sentences for the murder of Robert Beckowitz.

Jeannine received a six-year jail term for dismembering a corpse. She filed a guilty plea for second-degree murder and mutilation and received a sentence of 30 to 50 years in prison.

Glover forced Clark into cooperating, and Clark called the Detroit police department to report the event.

The charges brought against Glover included second-degree homicide, possession of a firearm while incarcerated, and mutilation of a corpse. He was also found to be capable of handling all charges.

Clark was not initially charged for her contribution to the crime. She was nonetheless imprisoned for violating the terms of her parole after being found guilty of breaking the law by participating in a bank heist.

However, the district attorney decided to charge her with desecrating a body after locating photographic evidence showing her grinning next to the victim's body and dismembering the corpse.

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What Happened To Robert Beckowitz?

Robert Beckowitz, his friend James Edward Glover, and his girlfriend Jeannine Lynn Clark were watching the Benny Hill Present in their home in the 19300 block of Woodbine in northwest Detroit in July 1982.

The knowledge that Glover and Clark were covertly having an affair may have made Glover's genuine motive for the crime more obvious. Glover, who had back problems and needed a walking stick to get around, interrupted the show to go get one of Beckowitz's weapons.

Glover brutally killed Robert Beckowitz while shooting pictures of themselves with the body over the course of the following three days after consuming methanfedine.

Later, Clark called the police on July 20, 1982, and he confessed everything.

Glover was found to be extremely drugged and sedated and was brought into custody.

Clark, who was also held, claimed Glover had taken her hostage and that her detention was due to her inability to pay a bill associated with financial institution theft. It was determined that Glover was competent to stand trial.

In exchange for admitting to second-degree homicide, mutilating a corpse, and using a firearm during the jail homicide, he then negotiated a plea agreement, vowing to not receive a life sentence.