Robert is a talented voice actor actively working in movie industry since 1973
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Robert Clotworthy has a net worth of $19 million. Robert Clotworthy made his money as a Television host and voice actor.

The talented artist is undoubtedly one of the top personalities currently active in the entertainment business. He can mesmerize the audience just with his powerful voice and narration skills.

Robert stepped foot in this career line at age 15 after being influenced by his father. The older man was a producer of radio commercials. Clotworthy watched his dad growing up and had most things related to the voice and dubbing industry.

The voice actor is most famous as the voice of Jim Raynor in the StarCraft series of real-time strategy video games. This was his first video game project and is also his most iconic portrayal of a character actively being loved by the audiences to date.

Robert Clotworthy Net Worth

Robert Clotworthy has a net worth of $19 million. Robert has made this sum via his career as a voice actor.

The talented artist has put soul into several iconic characters of pop culture just with the help of his iconic voice. His clients include big names like Marvel, Oracle, Star Wars, and others.

Apart from being a voice actor, he has played the roles of on-screen characters. He can also be seen giving motion capture of some video game characters, to which he has also given voice.

Robert has never talked about his financial assets and makes minimum appearances online. Still, his lineup of clients is more than enough to prove his financial stability is higher than he shows in front of people.

Robert took to Instagram to share this image which was taken while he worked on Ancient Aliens
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For instance, the standard rate for paying a Hollywood narrator is $300 in 2022. An average narrator earns $2,400 daily and $72,000 monthly if they work every day for a month. With that rate, the annual income of the voice actor becomes around $8 million.

Considering Robert's experience and the clients he works with, the voice artist is expected to earn more than an average voice actor. So, the annual income of the veteran voice actor stands between $8 million and $15 million.

Ways Robert Makes Money

Robert made his presence in the entertainment industry in 1973 and since then has been involved in several roles in several projects, making him one of the industry's veterans.

The talented artist has stepped foot into various filmmaking activities, making him a versatile and experienced candidate. This versatility has helped him a lot in making his income colossal. Below are some ways the legendary voice actor makes money.

Voice Acting

Robert is more prevalent among filmmakers and movie enthusiasts as a voice actor than anything else. He has voiced several characters in movies, TV, and video games.

In doing so, he has amassed more than 150 credits to his name. Those credits include his reputation as the lead voice character or the most prominent voice narrator in that project.

On Screen Acting

Apart from being a favored voice actor, he is also a talented on-screen actor who has made his presence in a handful of projects in his career. As his primary job is to voice a character rather than be one, he can only be seen as an actor on rare occasions.

Robert played the role of a judge in 2020 drama series Homeland
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One such was when he played the role of a judge in Amazon Prime's 2020 tv series Homeland. He only appeared in the first episode of the series, and his screen presence was minimal.

Additional Crew

Despite working as a lead voice actor in several projects, Robert never says no when he is called to do minor work on some projects. Since 1992 he has been featured in 64 projects as an additional voice crew.

Mostly, he is called for ADR voice or loop group, mainly done during the post-production of a filming project.