Roby Attal is the cast of Partner Track which is the show set to premiere on August 26, 2022 on Netflix.
Roby Attal is the cast of Partner Track which is the show set to premiere on August 26, 2022 on Netflix.( Source : youtube )

Roby Attal is a struggling actor trying to land a foot in the acting industry.

The hardworking actor is the cast of a Netflix series, Partner Track. It is a legal drama that includes the struggles faced by a young lawyer, Ingrid Yun, simultaneously entertaining a steamy love triangle. The series is an adaptation of Helen Wan's 2013 novel, The partner track. The first two episodes of the series are directed by Julie Anne Robinson, while the remaining episodes will play out according to various people involved as directors. He will play the character of Justin Coleman in about ten episodes.

The rising actor has shown his skills in various other projects and is a proficient artist. He is also interested in arts and drawing, which makes him feel grounded and natural. Let's get to know about this young talent who has managed to capture a large audience with his skills and good looks.

Roby Attal Age, How Old Is The Cast of Partner Track?

The 24 years old actor Roby Attal was born in 1998.

The actor was brought up in Houston, Texas. He lived in a suburban neighborhood somewhere around West Hudson. Roby grew up in an average household and spent his childhood as any other American, running around the streets and playing with his friends.

How Tall Is Roby Attal?

Roby Attal stands at the height of 6 feet 2 inches(1.88m).

The handsome actor gained popularity from Hostage 911, where he portrayed Rob/Red 11. Attal is American and seems to have caucasian heritage based on his appearance.

Roby Attal in his short movie Bodies of Water. He is popular for his depiction of Edmund in The Haunting of Bly Manor
Roby Attal in his short movie Bodies of Water. He is popular for his depiction of Edmund in The Haunting of Bly Manor ( Source : m )

The actor is heavily invested in acting as well as the arts. He has an appreciation for visual arts. When he was rejected from art school for the first time, he decided to reapply again for theater. He auditioned after practicing two monologues, which sealed his fate in acting school. He had excellent training throughout the next three years, which made him realize that he may have a future in acting. He was quite enthusiastic about making a living by playing pretend and decided to pursue it.

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Roby Attal's Interest In Acting And Visual Arts. What Does He Loves Doing?

Not only is Roby Attal interested in giving personality to the character he plays, but he also has a passion for visual arts.

The artist has a vivid imagination and loves to play different scenarios in his head. Acting comes naturally to this rising star. His simple reason for loving acting is that he enjoys enacting and pretending. With a whole lot of ideas in his head, he also relishes storytelling and participating in them.

He claims that he is the only one who made the decision to pursue arts and was initially set on becoming a visual artist. But life took a turn, and he found acting fascinating.

But he has not severed ties with his first love. He makes time to engage in sketching and making small animations. He has a whole Instagram account dedicated to his interest, @robedraws, where he posts on a regular basis. He loves to draw spontaneously and document them by posting them on his social media. He created the account to be a sort of stream-of-consciousness look inside his artistic mind. He has also made plans to produce his artwork into items such as t-shirts, bags, or stickers. He promised to update his plans in his post.

He said that he finds arts soothing and keeps him grounded. His painting depicts the small moments that make life much more worth living. He uses black ink on paper and characterizes it as his style. He considers his visual arts sacred and was wary of showing them to others, but with time he understood that by doing so, he was withholding himself and recommends other artists not to do the same.

Roby Attal Professional Career

The handsome actor Roby Attal made his acting debut in The Long Road Home.

His acting is well appreciated by viewers and has piqued the interest of many influential people in Hollywood. He has bagged more than ten projects since immersing in acting.

His works can be listed as:

Name of Project Movie/Series Character played Year
Partner Track TV Series Justine Coleman 2022
The Untamed: A Sinner's Player - James -
Shadow Kingdom  Concert film Club Member 2021
The Hunting of Bly Manor

TV Mini Series

Edmund O'Mara 2020
Melissah TV  Series Eric 2020
Stucco Short Film Throne 2019
Hell Fast Movie Gavin 2018
Hostage Movie Rob/Red11 2018
Bodies of Water Short Film Rivers 2018
The Long Road Home TV Mini-Series Capt. David Mathais 2017

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