English serial killer Rose West murdered multiple innocent young girls for over fourteen years
English serial killer Rose West murdered multiple innocent young girls for over fourteen years( Source : co )

Rose West received a whole life tariff for murdering ten innocent minors with her late husband, Fred West. She brutally abused and tortured her daughters for years. 

West is the ferocious English serial killer who tortured and murdered multiple innocent young girls for over fourteen years from 1973 to 1987. In particular, she consorted with her cruel husband, Fred West, in the torture and murder. 

In particular, she murdered her eight-year-old stepdaughter Charmaine in 1971. Further, she tortured Anna Marie West and forced her into inappropriate activities for years. Likewise, the couple abused multiple time seventeen-year-old Caroline Owens.  

On the other hand, Owens's mother reported Rose and Fred to the police, but they walked free with a fine of $50. Owens attempted suicide after hearing the news. Nonetheless, the police arrested Fred in August 1992 for molesting their daughter. 

Their daughter refused to testify in court, and the Judge collapsed the case on June 7, 1993. Later, the police department arrested the couple in February 1994 for murdering Heather from Cromwell Street in 1987. Heather was sixteen years old, Fred's daughter and they abused her for years. 

Where Is Rose West Now 2022?

Rose West has been serving the life sentence at HM Prison New Hall, Flockton, West Yorkshire, at the current date. In particular, the court convicted Rose of ten murders in 1995. On the other hand, Rose's husband, Fred, died by suicide in prison in 1995.  

Rose West and Fred West murdered these 10 women and girls
Rose West and Fred West murdered these 10 women and girls( Source : thesun )

Her trial started on October 3, 1995, at Winchester Crown Court with Mr. Justice Mantell and a jury. Many witnesses testified against her in court regarding her abusive nature and murders. However, she denied the accusations and blamed all the crimes on her late husband. 

Further, Rose claimed she never met six of the victims buried at Cromwell street. The trial continued for seven weeks, and the Judge and jury found sufficient evidence to convict her guilty of ten murders. In particular, the jury announced the guilty verdict for all ten murders. 

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How Old Is Rose West? Age Explored

Rose West has reached the age of 68 at the current date as she was born on November 29, 1953, in Northam, Devon, England. She was the daughter of William Andrew and Daisy Gwendoline Fuller. 

Rose West and her husband Fred West
Rose West and her husband Fred West( Source : co )

She met her late husband in early 1969 when she was just fifteen, and her husband was twenty-seven. She fell in love after she met Fred at Cheltenham bust station. Fred often used to give gifts to Rose to impress her. 

However, Fred already had two children from his first marriage Anna Marie and stepdaughter Charmaine. She married Fred on January 29, 1972, at the Gloucester Register office. She gave birth to her first daughter Heather Ann on October 17, 1970. 

Rose West Prison Sentence And Parole Chances

Rose West has received life imprisonment in prison without parole for murdering ten minors. In particular, Mr. Justice Mantell sentenced her to life imprisonment without parole. Further, The Lord Chief decided she should spend at least twenty-five years in prison for parole. 

However, Home Secretary Jack Straw subjected Rose to a Whole life tariff, and it was the second life tariff for women in the UK in modern times. In addition, she was incarcerated at HM Prison Bronzefield as a Category A prisoner. In 2019, she was transferred to HM Prison New Hall in West Yorkshire. 

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