Jamaican television personality Rustie Lee's shot for Channel 4 Fame In The Family.
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Rustie Lee husband Andreas Hohmann is a German drummer and a former band member of Kraftwerk. Andreas was also a member of the Ibliss and the Alex Parche Band.

Lee is an English former politician turned TV chef, singer, actress, and television personality. She gained significant recognition after participating in the Channel 5 British television reality show Celebrity Super Spa in 2013.

She also appeared in ITV's Who's Doing the Dishes? hosted by Irish presenter Brian McFadden in 2016 and Channel 4 reality game show Celebrity Coach Trip in 2020. Rustie first came to public attention following her appearance in TV-am during the 1980s.

After enjoying an initial successful period as a television chef in 1983 in TV-am, Rustie took over from TV and radio broadcaster Sarah Kennedy on the second incarnation of the popular game show Game for a Laugh.

Rustie Lee Husband

Rustie Lee husband Andreas Hohmann is a talented German professional drummer. Andreas was once a member of Kraftwerk.

Kraftwerk is a German band formed in 1970 in Dusseldorf by Florian Schneider and Ralf Hutter. The band is widely considered the creator and pioneer of electronic music. They were one of the first successful acts to popularize the genre.

An original band member, Andreas, officially left the group while recording their debut album, Kraftwerk. Thomas Lohmann, Eberhard Kranemann, Peter Schmidt, Kark "Charly" Weiss, and Klaus Dinger are among the drummers who left the band.

Lee's husband Andreas Hohmann is a former member of Kraftwerk. He is a professional drummer.
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Hohmann was also a band member of Ibliss and the Alex Parcha Band. Ibliss was a band from the Rhineland in Germany. It was formed as a quintet by former members of Kraftwerk in 1971. They released one album in Hamburg and disbanded in 1973.

Currently, Andreas is a business partner with his wife and also serves as her manager. They have been romantically involved for over three decades after meeting in Spain. The drummer was there for business while Lee was on holiday.

Even though one of Hohmann's friends warned the telly legend it was probably no more than a holiday fling, their relationship flourished, and later the professional drummer moved to England. "We love being together," says Andreas.

Rustie is having a lovely week, a weekend of Lunch & Laughs, LIVE! with her dear friends.
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Who Is Rustie Lee?

Born on May 22, 1949, in Portland, Jamaica, Lee is a 73-year-old Jamaican television personality. She studied at the King Edward VI Handsworth School, a girls' grammar school.

The entertainer is widely known for her infectious laugh and first came to our notice in the 1980s. Since then, Lee has rarely been off our screens and appeared on many television shows.

In 2005, Lee had a brief run as a candidate for UKIP -she came 5th with 1,074 votes (2.3% of the total). In June 2009, she stood for the West Midlands constituency for the 2009 European Elections but was not elected.

As a television chef, she has published several cookbooks, including one dedicated to delicious recipes from her Jamaican roots. Some of her well-known books include 1985's Rustie Lee's Caribbean Cookbook and 2007's A Taste of the Caribbean.

Her Family

Lee was born to her loving parents, Eugenie Edwards and Pembroke Keith Archibald Edwards, in Portland Parish. Sadly, the television personality lost both her parents a decade ago.

When her mother passed away in December 2012 at City Hospital in Birmingham, Lee bought two plots for her mother and her father, Archie. Lee had her dad exhumed and placed with her mother.

She also held another funeral for her dad at Cannon Street Memorial Baptist Church in Handsworth.

Rustie's mother Eugenie Edwards pictured in her carehome in Ladywood.
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She said she lost her mother but reunited her mom with her father because they were buried together. Eugenie had dementia and was going to return to Jamaica after Lee's father passed away many years ago.

Rustie is a married woman heading a blissful life with her husband, Andreas Hohmann, and her adult son, James Lee. 

Like his mother, James is also passionate about cooking. He also had a brief training stint at Hoar Cross Hall as a teenager.

Lee occasionally shares beautiful pictures of her son on social media. In December 2014, she shared a cheerful picture of her and her son clicked after the Panto in Bridlington. In July 2021, she shared a Facebook live video, which she and James enjoyed in the garden.

Rustie and her son James Lee after the Panto in Bridlington, England, in December 2014.
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